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Should phones be allowed in school? I think no because it can cause cyberbullying, posting and distraction during school. Nothing is worse than getting your phone taken away by you teacher during class:( Being allowed to bring phones into school can cause cyberbullying, like on social media, can hurt feelings or stuff getting around. Here are reasons why. According to Scholastic News, “On social media 42% of kids have been cyberbullied, 21% have gotten threatening texts, emails , etc… and 58% have never told their parents” and many more percentages. Social media can make things 86% worse than things need to actually be.” After that, Cyber Bullying can hurt many peoples feelings. And make you sad, embarrassed and many more feelings. It’s hard to hide your feelings but easy to see. “19% of kids can get away with hiding feelings and the other 81% can’t.” Feelings are hard to hide but others it’s easy! My feelings are sure hard to hide.  Lastly, phones can help to spread rumors. Social media can take huge effect on bringing phones to school. When bullying happens, it’s easy for someone to go and tweet it. The most amount of social media getting around happens on facebook. In Fact according to Washington Post, “Nine out of ten teen Facebook users have reported or witnessed Facebook bullying.”And to be using facebook the age recommendation is 14 years of age. And you should of course be getting parent permission!  This is why cyberbullying has a large connection with bringing phones to school. Next, posting about stuff during school. Something could have happened and, BOOM! Somebody just posted that. It could either be good or bad. For example, Instagram and other social medias could cause fights and especially getting to the teachers. Posting on social media at school has to do with bringing electronics to school. 65% of kids bring their phone to school and then cause to be a distraction. Now that’s a lot! Next is fights, bringing phones to school and posting stuff can cause loss of friendships. According, to, kids loose 37% of their friends due to fights. Now that’s way too much:( Lastly, teachers can find out. Then that can affect the whole year and not be good. You could be the one getting caught even if you didn’t even do it. That’s why posting on the internet causes bringing phones to school. Lastly, bringing phones to school is a distraction to the class, teachers, and your parents. Your class could be doing a test.. “Ring, Ring!” Your whole class gets distracted. That would not be good. According to The Atlantic, “58% percent of phones go off in school a year.” Now I hope that would not be one of my phones. Next teachers, some teachers get annoyed quickly. Yours could be one of them 😉 distraction can be same to teachers and students. But now here is something different your parents… Bringing phones to school still affects your parents. You could be texting them all day and then it affects their busy work schedule.   My Mom and Dad would not like that happening from any of my sisters. Some might say, “Well what if there is a emergency at the school?” Well, I am here to tell you that this is why the office has phones to let parents be aware of situations like this. Or, “What if they need them for a project?” That’s why today computers and Ipads are being used! And last but not least, ” What if I need to stay in touch with my child for safety reasons?” If you needed to stay in touch with your child you should let the principle know if its needed. These are reasons why phones are not necessary during school. Phones are not needed in school because they cause cyberbullying, posting, and a huge distraction to teachers and students. In my opinion, phones are another way to make school a bad place. These are reasons why phones should not be allowed at school.


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