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Should Hate Speech Be Illegal? Most industrialised societies all overt the world believe in the law of free speech, and the freedom of the individual to express his/her opinions or thoughts about anything without any restrictions or illegal charges taken against them.The law of freedom of speech has been publicly declared by the Unites Nations in 1948 and adapted in the same year. It has since been considered as a right every human should live by. However, when a negative opinion is said about a religion, gender, race, appearance or ethnicity it is considered by the majority of people as a hateful opinion, or “hate speech”, and as something that does not fall under the spectrum of free speech. Many countries such as Canada criminalised it and made it illegal. This essay will explain argue against the ban of hate speech, and how is it a contravention on freedom of speech.

The majority of people think that hate speech can most of the times be offensive toward a certain group of people, and a crime that should be restricted by the law. While it is right that some hate speech can be offensive and hurtful, but banning it is not something beneficial to do either. Just because an individual does not agree with a certain statement, and if he/she find it offensive or aggressive towards something you believe in, does not mean any other opinions that does not fit into your 55555 is wrong.

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Also, banning “hate speech” and making it illegal is not only a violation toward free speech, it will also be a something nearly impossible to achieve and and made clear. There is no real definition or spectrum to what is considers hateful and what is not, what one individual find normal might be hatful to another. For example, if a joke mocking a certain religion what said during a conversation between two people one of them could find it funny and the other could find it hateful, racist offensive. So putting a law to restive what can be said will be a huge failure and a recoil from human civilisation.

Many people might also claim that the allowance of hate speech might lead to an increase in the rate of violent crimes and harassment. I agree that extreme hatred can be damaging and should be considered a s a criminal activity, but this extensive amount of hatred can be dealt with legally by the law using anti-harassment laws that are set by the governments. There is no real to make hate speech legal for something the governments can control. Also, if hate speech really increases violence among the citizens it would have been banned entirely from any country, America, one of the greatest countries in the world, for example, protects free speech under the the first amendment and allows it in every state.

This is a proof that there is no significant connection between hate speech and the rate of violence. Another reason why people call for a ban on hate speech because they think it can easily be abused to share false or real threats. However, hate speech is defined as “Speech that attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, disability or gender “. In other words, hate speech is only connected to opinions and thought, any false information or real threats do not fall under the category of hate speech.


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