Short issue that popped up in the

Short Summary – The song “where is the love” protests about many different issues present before and now in the world particularly the US.

It basically informs people about how there’s terrorism, racism, discrimination, hatred and unnecessary violence occurring in the world and people becoming so selfish and greedy that they forget about values of humanity, love and peace. More importantly Youth is influenced by media with negative images and information which is increasing the numbers of violence acts by young generation.The song even protests about the devastating tragedy of 9/11 as it was written in 2001 and after US decided to invade Iraq in 2003.

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The song talks about bombing, dying and how war is bad for everyone including children being poisoned also people are being misled as to what actually happens concerning information within war. Issues – The issues being covered in this song are the ones that we face in society every day that includes terrorism, racism, discrimination and greed. The main significance of the song was created based upon the society in America after the terrorist attack. It covers the fact that people continue to participate in racism, violence and discrimination. Another issue that popped up in the song was wrong information and negative images on media infecting the youth’s mindset.

Money has been one of the issues too, that is making people turn their backs against each other.


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