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That’s a question every student should be asking themselves. In high school e everything was planned, from the time you walked in, to the time you left. College is a who ole new playing field. You’re responsible for everything you do, even registering for classes! As fun and exciting as that all sounds that means that you will be responsible for making time to see friends and doing school work.

If you manage your time poorly you’ll be at risk for failing y our classes or even worse, losing some close friends or relationships. A big part of students failing out of college or even losing friends comes from procrastinating. It’s really easy to say “Oh I’ll finish that after’ but do you ever actually finish it? Don’t let a silly thing like procrastination ruin a great friendship, or years worst h of hard work. It’s simple to make a plan for managing time, and it’s a shame that not every nee does it.

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You could be the best with planning time,(or so you think) you should always have a least something to fall back on when something unexpected comes into your life and gets you r mind off track. For this article I designed 5 questions that were formatted to give the best ad sis people had for managing their time. After posting the survey on Faceable got six id efferent people to answer. Each answer is different from the last, but each answer has some Greg at advice! The first question I asked was ” Did you lose any relationships to the workload of college?

If so, would you go back and try to change the way you managed your time? ” To some this question might have been personally, but it had to be asked. Some young students think that this topic is no big deal, when in reality it changes your life. The first responses is one Of the realize SST answers I got to this question. L lost friendships from high school, but grew new ones. I would have managed my time better by more closely following my own advice regarding time manage meant. However, I am proud and happy where I am now and likely wouldn’t change much. Life isn’t always fair, you are bound to lose some people. The people that walk out without reason were just never meant to be in your life. If you’ve done everything you can to juggle the crazy fife of college classes and the everyday events life throws at you than you’ve done something g right! After such a personally question I went on to ask some simpler and more pope n questions. The next question was What would you do to make sure you had enough time to maintain decent grades and see friends. One helpful answer was ” Prioritize things. I would also gauge which work was procrastinations and which wasn’t. ” To most people this is the e common thing to do. This method was drilled in our heads all the way back in elementary SOHO 01. Over the years though, it has become easy for students to just put things off to be involved in other activities. Also it’s very easy to get distracted by all the technology we have around us. S o even though this method is something we should all be use to, it’s a lot easier said than done.

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