Shopping places, the shopping activity took place

Shopping is an activity next importance only to work for livelihood.

Traditional bazaars are socioeconomic institutions of vital importance to Indian towns and cities and hence it is important to study them in modern context where they have undergone vast changes from their original usage to fulfil the specific Indian habits and psyche. In the beginning of the history of shopping places, the shopping activity took place in open public spaces with other urban and public functions and activities of the city, like ancient Greek agora etc. Earlier, the shopping in India could be labelled as highly unorganized comprising of large, medium and small grocery stores. The concept of shopping in India was led by general stores that supplied everything from groceries to stationary. After centuries, the enclosed shopping mall separated urbanity and shopping activity from each other. These fully controlled and environmentally controlled consumption spaces reinterpreted the urban fabric to simulate a city image and a street-like atmosphere indoors.

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Street markets in developing countries constitute an integral part of the local economy as well as exhibiting the ethnic image of the habitat, which continues to function even in growing cities. The shopping malls have intercepted the traditional market place culture and our instrumental in shifting the consumer behaviour in urban areas. Shopping malls inherit the modern styles but they lack in cultural aspect while in open bazaars there is lack of comfort in transportation, parking, climate, protective environment etc. The growth of integrated shopping malls, retail chains and multi-brand outlets is evidence of consumer behaviour being favourable to the growing organized segment of the business. Space, ambience and convenience are beginning to play an important role in drawing customers. Shopping malls exhibit recreational attractions and modern amenities for shoppers while street markets exert a pull through ethnic food and clothing and are held in traditional settings. Every society has its own culture, its own way of life comprising the ideas, values, benefits and knowledge it has about itself that are passed from one generation to another.

Culture in all its various forms, is a major determinant of built form. India, too has its own shopping Culture where shopping is done daily for requirement of milk, vegetable, fruits, bread etc, the housewives had to make fresh purchase and prepare food which in time consuming and left her with hardly any time for other activities as she was always confined to the kitchen or tending to the daily psychology is not like the west as westerners visit the market only over the weekend fat the weekly purchases. Thus, in India the shopping psychology is determined as “TO THE SHOP AND BACK”.


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