Shopaholic roommate the she will start keeping up

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan is written by Sophie Kinsella in 2002. Meet Rebecca Bloomwood. She is a 26-year old woman living in New England and she has an addiction. She is a shopaholic.

Life should be perfect; careers on the fast track, a blooming love life, and a great social life, but under the surface lurks trouble. Rebecca is a financial consultant on a morning television show. She gives advice on the TV about how to stay out of debt and live financially responsible.

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How convenient the show goes into debt because of her wild and uncontrolled shopping habits. The more money she has the more money she spends. Rebecca has radically revised her shopping motto: "Buy Only What You Need." Clearly, the gorgeous suit, those to-die-for shoes (in two colors), and ..

. um … the fencing gear and fur stole are necessary career investments. The bills coming through the mail slot can't possibly be anything to worry about, especially when Becky has to concentrate on her boyfriend. Becky has promised her roommate the she will start keeping up with her money in her account. She can’t seem to keep her word.

No one believes she’s actually dating the successful financial public relations, Luke Brandon. She has a nagging suspicion that Luke is hiding something from her. Then she finds out that his job is transferring him to Manhattan, and he wants her to go with him. Rebecca just can’t seem to stop shopping- an addiction that’s gotten her into a jam before. Devastated by the news that her easy going, long-suffering bank manager is retiring, and being replaced with a manager who won’t “baby” her, and those never-ending phone calls from creditor.

Becky joins Luke on a fact-finding trip to New York City. Luke is hoping to find the backing needed to open a new office in the Big Apple. Becky comes along naively thinking that if she’s overseas,.

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