If because there was obviously something wrong. Then

If I were Cameron I would have done something very similar to what he did.

After he and Len get into the school, Len gives him a gun and tells him to hold off anyone trying to get into the library. When Cameron gets into the hall Carla comes and he tells her what’s happening. He gets her to a safe place and then gets to a safe place himself.I would have eventually gotten Carla and myself to a safe place but if I were in that situation it would have taken me longer to do what he did.Right when he saw Carla he was telling her what was happening and getting her safe. I would have been so shocked I don’t think id be able to move. The first thing I would have done would have been to call the police from the bathroom because there was obviously something wrong.

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Then I would have told Carla what was happening and gotten her out of the way. Then when Len came shooting at me because he knew I was not doing what he wanted me to do.In the book the police aren’t called until shots are fired but I would have done something else much different then Cameron. He said, “I was afraid to go any further down the hall because I didn’t know if I would have the nerve to shoot him if it came to that”.

I know that if I where in that situation I would shoot Len if I had to.I could do that because I know that if I shot him, maybe just injure him so he couldn’t do anything, if he died then that’s one life and no injured. And one life is better than two dead nine injured is. I.

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