Shifting the roof structure design with panning

Shifting to the construction process of the buildingFirst the design concept started in 2007.

Zaha hadid architects worked with consulting engineer AKT and lighting consultant MBLD. They know the panelization geometry of the internal and external skin and designed the landscape. They put car parking below ground outside the building to avoid security breaches. AKT developed the roof structure design with panning of trusses between supports in the envelope and the concrete walls.

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Then engineering consultancy werner sobek (in Stuttgart) designed the external cladding, its structure and curtain walls. They recommended space frame to carry the external envelope which decreases the cost. They played a role in many aspects in the project such as the space frame, the internal skin, the pond café and the structural glass balustrades.Bavarian construction specialist MERO-TSK made the space frame weighing 2500 tons less than the prediction of the structure and then the Turkish firm bilim makina installed it in nine months although the space frames of MERO-TSK takes only six months to be installed which means that it was very complex.


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