Mrs. kneels down and removes the vail,

Mrs. VolanteBrit. Lit. Honors10-2-15Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars: Ending.        Sadie regains consciousness and finds herself in an empty room. Unaware of what is going on, Sadie tries to yell for help but cant because her mouth is tapped shut.

As she sits there in this empty room she thinks to herself, “where am I?” and as soon as the thought leaves her mind the door opens up and a mysterious figure appears. The figure inches closer and Sadie notices that this figure is a female and is covering her face with a black vail. Sadie tries to scream for help but is restricted due to the tape over her mouth.

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The woman kneels down and removes the vail, Sadie recognizes her as the woman who approached her in the street a few days back. The woman also has food for Sadie and offers to remove the tape if Sadie will remain calm. Sadie agrees and the woman removes the tape..

        “Please don’t hurt me I’ll do anything you want,” Sadie cried.        “I’m not going to hurt you if you do what I ask of you,” replied the woman..        Sherlock is restricted to investigating what is going on while he is under house arrest. He knows two things that are certain about what’s going on, the kidnapping of Jack and Sadie and him being formed for the murder of the two police men are connected. Holmes also believes that these crimes are being committed by the same person, and a person who is out to seek revenge on Sherlock. He is determined to catch the person doing all of this and Holmes says that this time it’s personal.

Since Holmes knows Sadie’s kidnapping and his framing are connected, he knows that if he investigates the spot where Sadie was last seen then maybe the criminal left behind clues. Sherlock has Finch a investigate the scene since he is under house arrest, and Finch takes along jasmine because she was the last person to see Sadie and she knows exactly where the location is. Finch sets off hoping to find something that can help Mr. Holmes..        Finch arrives at the location Jasmine has brought hime to and is shocked to find absolutely nothing.        “Are you sure this is the spot?” ask Finch..

        “Yes, I’m positive it is,” replies Jasmine..        “Oh man, Mr.

Holmes is going to disappointed in us,” says Finch        Finch returns to 221 Baker street and as he is entering through the basement he notices that there is a piece of cloth stuck to a nail sticking out of the word on the ceiling. Where the cloth hangs there is a hole that looks to be able to a small boy or a woman and was obviously created by a perpetrator. Finch snags the cloth and takes it up to the room where Holmes is being held. Shocked by the finding, Holmes starts to piece everything together.

.        “Just as I feared,” says Holmes “I know exactly who is behind all of this Finch.”        “Well who can it be?” asks Finch..        “Somebody form my past, somebody who knows almost everything about me,” admits Holmes “ and as you can see we are dealing with somebody who is very good at exposing the weaknesses of this God forsaken police force.”.        “We must show them the evidence at once Mr.

Holmes.”        “I will finch but you must hide.”        Finch hides in the closet to the right of the door and Holmes calls in the police to show him the discoveries.“Help!Help!” shouts Mr. Holmes “There is an emergency!”        The guards rush into the room and Holmes is sitting at his desk.        “I have proof that this is not my doing.

” says Holmes        “How can that be?” asks the guard.        “That is not important right now, but you must listen to the facts,” Holmes debates “I have proof that this was all done by somebody else” Holmes shows the guards the cloth.        “Well what does that have to do with anything?” asks the guard.        “This is a piece of silk which is found mostly in women’s clothing and it was discovered down in the basement where a whole about the size of a woman was made so that somebody could squeeze through and place the spoons in the attic to make it seem like I owned them.”.

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