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She Walks in Beauty” is a short poem written by lord Byron. Lord was an English nobleman, poet, and politician. He wrote this poem during the romantic movement, he was one of the most important romantic writers at this time. This poem is made up of three six-line stanzas. Throughout this poem, Byron uses powerful imagery, metaphorical, and literary techniques to describe the beauty of a woman. In this essay I will discuss the theme of the poem and how the author use figure the language to describe the woman, and the structure of this poem.

Throughout this short poem Lord Byron uses several figurative languages to characterizes a woman whose beauty is so beyond this world, that it makes the impossible, possible. In this poem there’s only one character and she was being described by Lord Byron. He does not mention the name of the woman and her age but we know she has a black hair.

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In Stanza 1, the author uses many figurative of speech for example metaphors and simile. The fist line of the stanza 1 is an example of simile, where the poet compares the woman with the beauty of the night. “she walks in beauty like the night “, Cleary this quote shows that she so beautiful, her beauty allows darkness and light to coexist. Another figurative of language that Byron uses throughout this poem is alliteration. When he said “Cloudless Climes” Starry Skies Wich basically means.

The third line of this stanza has a juxta -position between dark and bright to describe how beautiful the woman is. The line four to six it just an example metaphor. In the stanza 2 we find a lot of figurative of speech. In the first line of stanza 2 there’s a juxta- position between “one shade the more, one ray the less”.

The purpose of this juxta-position is to describe how beautiful the woman is. In the third line of stanza 2 there’s a metaphor when the poet compares the hair as wave of the night and that hair is black like the night. In the last stanza of this poem is really different from the two previous stanzas because it does not have a lot of figurative of speech. In this stanza he talks about much she’s innocent and her physical appearance. There is no specific quotes for this for this stanza, he also talks about how he loves that woman. The main theme of this short poem is pretty much straightforward because the entire poem describes the beauty of a woman. The main theme of this poem is appearance, principles, woman and feminism.

Appearance is a major them of this poem because throughout this short poem the poet keeps on describing her beauty and the way she walks in the night. The first stanza also proves it on the first line when the author use simile to describe her beauty. Another theme that found in the poem is principle. The poem has a lot good principle such as pure innocence, the poet describes her as the most beautiful woman in this world he ever saw. He also mentions that she’s innocent and respectful, this can be seen in the last line of stanza 3, which say “a heart who’s innocent.

” Another major theme that’s found in this poem is women and feminists. The entire poem talks about a woman but he uses as an object and the pet say what he’s thinking about of her simile. This can be seen throughout the entire poem. I think the poet did a great job on this short poem because over three stanza he describes the beauty of woman wich is not very easy, he had to come up with the best vocabulary words.


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