She and voices running through our mouths unfiltered,

She looks up silently and carefully, she flicks her finger at an unsuspecting victim and boom, dead. The mafia seeps in through the cracks of the players until nearly every citizen has been murdered. I assume most of us have played the game mafia, it’s a group game attempting to  answer the age old question of who dunnit? The characters are the doctors, the murderers, the reporter, the detectives, and the townspeople.

The victims. But it’s not starting to feel like a game anymore. Americans are confused, with our minds spinning and voices running through our mouths unfiltered, about everything going on in politics and the world today. Everything we see on the news today is all tragic, and disheartening.

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A murder, a school shooting, a hack of important information, or a corrupt politician. I feel like some of the most important people in our society today, are police officers. I want to be in criminal justice, and I want to help people.

I want to be a CSI, or a crime scene investigator.I believe investigating crime scenes is one of the best careers for me, because I’ve always been interested in science, crime, and law. I would always put together puzzles and look for the small intricate details in order to solve it; even today I still sit on the couch with my mom and help her with her monotonous puzzle games where you find clues in a given scene. I would, and I pretty much still do, only watch shows like NCIS, North Woods Law, The Big Bang Theory, or Scorpion. I love criminology, forensics, and the whole idea of being able to help people get closure after a tragic misfortune.

Even if it’s not a tragic misfortune, and it’s simply a break or enter or similar scenario, being a CSI is still incredibly important. CSI’s investigate the crime scene and obtain physical and photographic evidence. CSIs don’t chase down or interview suspects, but the clues they find at the scene help to solve the crime and determine suspects and victims.

They take photos or video recordings, draw rough sketches of the scene, and package all incriminating evidence and clues. They may also take notes of measurements they take, or things that stick out or are suspicious in the crime scene. They pay careful attention to detail and document the scene as a whole. 


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