King death, to be supportive of his mother,

King Hamlets’ ghost visits Hamlet, and gives him tasks to complete, to avenge his death, to be supportive of his mother, and to cleanse Denmark of the evil going on within it, “let not the royal bed of Denmark be a couch for luxury and damned incest. But howsoever though pursuest this act, taint not thy mind,”-ghost of King Hamlet.

Act1Sc.5 Line 83-85.The apparition of the ghost tells Hamlet thathowever he goes about fulfilling the deed, to do it according to his morality. The soliloquy of Hamlet, “to be or not to be,”- Act3Sc.1 Line 57-90approves therealization that Hamlet is a deep thinker, and an intellectual person, who goes about approaching situations through calculating, and reasoning, before acting upon. From this we know Hamlet wants to do the moral thing, and act in justice, rather than evil passions, out of temptation, for revenge on Claudius. He is able to maintain his moral integrity by controlling his passions of evil doings. Hamlet, as the Prince and the man, wants to play both roles without jeopardizing either, asPrince, he is looked upon to do the moral things, and as a man he wants to act upon his natural temptations of anger and revenge.

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Hamlet needs to be a good son, and also maintain the pressure of all these roles in society, which adds even more pressure on him.The analytical personality of Hamlet, causes him not to act. In the prayer scene, Act3Sc.3,he decides that he could kill Claudius, “and am I then revenged, to take him in the purging of his soul, when he is fit and season’d for his passage? No, ”- Hamlet Line 85-88but realizes that he will not get the revenge he wants. For this reason Hamlet takes his time, debating the good, and bad personal motives against Claudius, as a way to show his ambition to maintain his reputation as a man of moral and intellect.

Even though Hamlet acts intentionally and rationally, his acts still lead him to one fate.As proven by Yorick’s skull, even the best are brought to the ultimate fate of death, of being.

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