Shakespeare love types that is portrayed the

Shakespeare includes many love types into his play ‘Romeo and Juliet’. One of the main love types that is portrayed the strongest throughout his play is parental love. This type of love plays a large role in the story because of the feud between the two houses, because of the love that their parents have for their children. The parental love displayed causes many issues throughout the play which lead to unwanted problems. There are many ways in which one can love another, parental love is important in this play because of the feud between the Capulets and the Montagues.

This is a line from Shakespeare’s play that shows just how much love the parents have for their children, Romeo and Juliet; “O, where is Romeo? Saw you him today… right glad i am he was not at the fray.”(1.

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1/118-119). In Act 1 ,Scene 1, lines 118-119, reveals that Romeo’s mother, Lady Montague was very worried that Romeo would have been involved in the fight that had happened on the streets of Verona, this shows that she loves Romeo and cares about where he is. However the protection and love that the parents have for Romeo and Juliet can stop them from doing what they most desire, as a result of this Romeo and Juliet are stopped when they want to love each other and this can lead to bigger issues as the play continues.

As Romeo and Juliet begin to love each other and fight for their love over the feud, their love grows stronger which makes them more reluctant to tell their parents. Romeo and Juliet’s love grows stronger and stronger throughout the play which makes it harder for them to tell their parents, about how they love each other even though there is a feud. As a result of them not being able to tell their parents they have to turn to someone, so they turn to their ‘friends’, Romeo has Friar Lawrence and Juliet has the Nurse. “Lady Capulet- Nurse where’s my daughter? Call her forth to me” “Nurse- Now, by my maidenhead at twelve year old, i bade her come,- What lamb! What, ladybird! God forbid.

Where’s this girl? What, Juliet.” (1.3/1-3). In Act 1 Scene 3 The nurse makes it clear to lady Capulet that she has practically raised/looked out for  Juliet throughout the play more than her own mother has. The nurse has taken more care of Juliet throughout the play; she over looks her at the part, she helps Romeo and Juliet get secretly married, these things would have never have happened if Juliet didn’t have someone close as the nurse and something like these things a parent can’t do for their children. The nurse also agreed to help marry them instead of saying that it was a bad idea like their parents would have said, This is because the nurse cares about Juliet and only wants her to be happy and if marrying Romeo, the love of her life, makes her happy then the nurse will do all she can in her power to make that happen for Juliet.

The strong relationship that the Nurse and Juliet have is Definitely something that parents should have with their children, although t is harder to have a very close relationship with your parents more than it is to have a close relationship with friend, like Friar Lawrence to Romeo and most importantly the nurse and Juliet.  


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