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ShadowMaking is a service to provide a new or keep an old shadow of a product orimage to make it look more natural and sharp. Shadow is a term we areall familiar with and it is applicable for all kinds of images like products,models, clothing, objects etc. Shadow Making is an essential part of imageediting to give the image a more finesse look and to bring out the beauty in theimage. The service can be classified into three major categories:·        Reflection ShadowReflection is a mirror effect of the image which is theopposite of the image integrated into the same image. Thus in case ofreflection shadow, we can create a mirror image of the product or extending theoriginal or natural shadow of the image to have a whole image in shadow formattached with the original image.

This creates a duplicate of the image in thereflection of the image in a color form rather the usual grey shadow.·        Natural ShadowNatural shadow is the original shadow that is reflected bythe product and when we use clippingpath to create a path around a product we take the shadow in the path. Thenthe shadow making service is performed to smooth out the edges of the shadowand making the shadow more bold or light depending on the requirements of thecustomer. This helps the image to look more refine while keeping the naturallook intact.·        Drop ShadowDrop Shadow means the bottom shadow of any product or image.Here we can process the image in a way that the original product has a bottomshadow which we can either create or extend.

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For example, we have a productwith no shadow which looks a bit naked or incomplete, here we would create adrop shadow for the product taking bits from the original image and creating ahalf or quarter mirror image at the bottom thus giving the image a more finerand natural look. In total the image will have a color shadow with softenededge having that eye catching view for the audience.ShadowMaking is a very useful service if utilized properly and performed by experthands at Clip and Touch.

The serviceis simple and complex at the same time depending on the end product and how itwas executed. We at Clip and Touchexecute the service in such a way that enhances the quality and beauty of theimage while keeping the original image intact and smoothened making it looknatural and not artificial. To sum up in all of our services the key to our success is proper execution.


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