SFIA framework is very important tool to determine ICT professional skills and generic skill sets required to work at a certain level of responsibility. It is a worldwide framework for assessing job requirements for specific job roles by companies, while individuals can assess themselves for typical job requirements. It combines behavioural skills, professional skills, experience and knowledge to make it methodological and practical framework.

ICT practitioners use it as tool for professional development, individuals can find out their true potential and set objectives for future growth of their personality and skill sets. Companies can measure their employees capabilities based on SFIA results and engage them in activities suitable to them, or make equally balanced teams for doing job roles. From employment point of view, SFIA helps organisations to determine what level of responsibility for the particular job position required. While for individuals it helps to assess their skill sets and level of responsibility by structured approach. It helps to provide clear job description for organisations, as well individuals, to make sure right candidates are applying for right role.

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