Sexual individual has committed an act of

Sexual Paraphilias
Name- Akashdeep singh
Student ID- 200391033
Professor- Sylvia
26th August 2018

Ques1. Define the term paraphilia.
Ans. Paraphilia is a condition in which get sexually aroused with imagining or fantasizing the sexual behaviour and doing in a different manner.

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Ques2. Outline the central features of all paraphilias.
Ans. The central features of paraphilia are -:
1) Sexual behavior involving suffering or humiliation of another person or oneself.
2) Sometimes people getting engaged with non- human objects and then start about something to imagine sexual behavior with non – human objects.
3) Adult sexual behavior in which children are targeted.

Ques3. There are many different types of paraphilias. Describe the following types of paraphilias: Frotteurism and Pedophilia.
Ans. Frotteurism: this involving sexual arousal from touching the people in crowded and busy place. Basically, the person starts imagining by touching or rubbing other people without their permission.

Pedophilia: it is the conditions in which adult attracts towards children less than 13-15 years for sexual activity.

Quest.4 do you think that rape or sexual assault should have been included in the DSM system under paraphilias? Why or why not?
Ans. The rapists were recognized as a patient suffering from a mental disorder according to the first draft of DSM-III in 1976. Some criteria for ‘Sexual assault disorder’ were listed.

1) The fantasy of sexual assault is erotically exciting.

2) The individual has committed an act of sexual assault. Sometimes the exciting fantasy translate into action because of motivation for example if the act has been committed into the past then the rapist gets the motivation to repeat it.

According to me sexual assault is a crime not a disorder for example in India 4 people raped one girl in a bus and it is not possible that 4 of the guys were suffering from disorder so this show that sexual assault is a crime. So, it should not have been included in the DSM system because mainly for someone to sexually assault someone they most have fantasized about the person, probably tried to do sex with them and they disagree, then they start force them to do sex and this is a crime.


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