Sex we promote sex education at school levels

Sex education is educating the children about sexuality, sexually transmitting diseases, contraceptive methods and molding the children with the moral values of respecting an individual’s feelings and their gender.

·         In today’s world we have access to all information’s at our fingertips and hence children who have queries or concerns regarding the sexual topics go behind the internet websites or pornography that may sometimes leave them with a wrong information, and it is truly because of the discomfort of the parents to discuss these topics among children that drives them to other media. ·         Prevention is always better than cure and hence it is very important to educate and create an awareness among the children about the child sexual abuse and to differentiate between a good touch and a bad touch way before they get into such situations.·         It is very important that we promote sex education at school levels in order to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies and also lessening the increase in STD that the children may not be aware of but in reality when parents and religious communities raise their voice against the change of the curriculum they forget to understand the fact that the TV shows or movies that their children watch even though limits the underaged children from watching these heavily portrayed sex scenes these demonstrations are still accessible to those elderly teenagers and this may leave a footprint in their minds that these are casual and harmless. ·         If sex education is provided at the early stages of schooling it might let the children grow with a respect and show equality among all genders. As children are more curious to know about the opposite gender, enhancing sexual education can help them understand the changes that they may see at their different phases of ages and reduce the desires of exploring the changes in opposite gender.·         It is an understood fact that the teenagers of this new generation have turn sexually active and hence sexual education can help them understand the sex abstinence at an early stage.

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