Several It is establish there the positive

Several authors have tried to explore the empirically of attachment and identity. Even if these theories have been settled separately. The reason s are, there is a lot of measurement strategies and conceptualizations in identity. Those of the studies have been failed to discover the differences in attachment can be used to predict differences in identity. (Quintana and Lapsley, 1987; Kroger and Haslett, 1988; Frank et al., 1990).

Only one studied have been found in exact meaning of parental attachment. It is establish there the positive relation between parental attachment and identity achievement. Helsen, Vollebergh and Meeus (1999).

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Kroger and Haslett, (1988) have been found that there is no differences between the four statuses which are the Identity diffusion (D), Foreclosure (F), moratorium (M), and Identity achievement (A). To end with, Benson et al (1992) It is shown there that the only in adolescent’s attachment to their mother has a connected to identity achievement and independent of adolescent gender and it also found the association between identity and attachment. However, there is one limitation: in the six studies in which positive associations were found the relations between parental attachment and identity were only tested bivariate.

In the two studies (Quintana and Lapsley, 1987, studies 1 and 2) in which multivariate analyses were also conducted, there is no significant effect between the attachment measures and identity were found in addition to the effects of the other predictors.


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