Services marketing essay

What are the main reasons for the growing share of the service sector in all major economies of the world? 2. What are the powerful forces transforming the service landscape, and what impact do they have on the service economy? 3. “A service is rented rather than owned. “Explain what this statement means, and use examples to support your explanation. 4. Describe the four broad “processing”categories of services, and provide examples for each category. 5.

What is so special about services marketing that it needs a special approach? . “The 4 As are all a marketing manager needs to create a marketing strategy for a service business. ” Prepare a response that argues against this, and support it with examples. 7. What types of services do you think are (a) the most affected and (b) the least affected by the problem of variable inputs and Outputs? Why? 8. Why is time so important in services? 9. What are the elements in the framework for developing effective service marketing strategies?

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CO Customer behavior 1 explain three-stage model of service consumption explain four key culture dimension and show how they explain different in consumer behavior between eastern and western societies. Then explain how these dimension may impact on services firm dealing with a range of consumer from a variety of culture or exporting to south east Asia. 3. Describe search , experience and credence attribute and give example of each 4. How customer expectation formed ? 5. Explain why services tend to be harder for customer to evaluate that goods 6. Why consumer perception of risk constitute a important aspect in electing , purchasing and using services ? How can firm reduce consumer risk perception ? 7. Describe 3 types of customer psychological needs 8. Describe what meant by a “critical incident” explain significance in determining customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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