Sequence proceeds at the expected pattern. Rate

Sequence and rate of development go through the five aspects of child development, social, physical, intellectual, communication and emotional, and will vary for each individual.There is a definite pattern to a child developing.

E.g. one child may be able to walk before they can run, however another may sit-up, walk and then run, missing out rolling over and crawling altogether. Even though some of the elements are missing, the development still proceeds at the expected pattern.

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Rate of development involves a time frame linked to age in which a child develops. For example, some children may be able to walk at the age of 10 months, but others may not be able to walk until 12 months or even 16 months. When a child develops by sequencing, it enables effective planning and also at the right time but when recording the rate of development, it helps to identify any concerns a child may have within any developmental area, allowing further investigation into why it may be happening.

Sequence of development tends to be quite common between children but often can be different for each child but rate of development is much more likely to change between children and much more frequently, but with the same principles as sequence of development.Sequence and rate of development are extremely important as they are both huge factors in assessing children’s development. It is important to monitor the sequence and rate in which a child develops in order to determine any specific needs they may have in order to offer the correct help and support. This being extremely important in a child’s school years. Identifying a problem will help a school to plan and put into place ways to ensure a child has the support they require and that their needs are met effectively (Pearsons, 2006).Children ideally need to learn developmental skills in a consecutive order.

A delay in one skill will have a ‘knock-on’ effect on other skills, e.g. a child needs to have communication and language skills before they are able to write. If a child has a delay in one aspect of development such as communication, it can effect social and emotional development. Early identification in one aspect is important as it will make sure progress is made in all other aspects of development (Child & Young Person Development).


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