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Selling online with your own e-commerce website has never been easier, faster, or more scalable.

Impress your customers with a beautiful store. Most, if not all boutiques these days have their own custom online store to coincide with their physical boutique. It’s a great way to market your store, establish legitimacy and make some extra income. I think if you don’t have the resources to start a brick and mortar store, going online is a great opportunity to start your OWN business.

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Especially for some Moms, before the babies go to kindergarten, they have no other choice than staying at home and take care of the baby. But they might have some spare time which is enough to do your own business by opening your own online store. Here I strongly recommend the moms to sell kids clothing or baby clothing. I think there is no necessity for me to explain why right? As a mom, we all like our baby to be fashion and stylish. If you own your own online baby shop, you need not worry about where to buy fashion baby clothes and you can earn money and save money. What a good deal! If not, you all need spend some energy to buy and source some fashion baby clothes online.

Right now is the only time in recent history where someone can feasibly start a business without having to throw down a huge capital investment in a building, racks, inventory, etc. In fact, in today’s tablet/phone crazy and social media obsessed society, many people are having more success opening an online boutique versus a brick and mortar store. And it comes down to one reason, overhead.

The cost for starting your online store is extremely low and to show you just what kind of overhead you will be dealing with when starting your online boutique let’s get straight into the numbers when determining our domain hosting supplier. HOSTING SITES AND PLATFORMSYou have many options these days to build a strong aesthetic and highly functional website. I have personal experience with companies like Volusion, Shopify, Yahoo E-commerce Stores.all three sites are highly trustworthy and have over a decade of experience serving online retailers. But my favorite company is Shopify which is 27$ monthly and enough to start up an online store.

The platform has a very easy system and product inventory control. You can try for 30 days free and then you will realize how easy a website could be to build.  That is great news if you are not tech savvy! DOMAINYou can choose your domain at Godaddy which is very cheap and easy. If your domain name is not so popular, the cost is only like 5$-15$. THEMEYou can choose from over 100 professional and free store themes at Shopify. You can customize colors, imagery, and fonts with ease by SHOPIFY admin. But I suggest you choose and buy the right theme that you like from ThemeForest where have more attracting options and more functional items. The cost is only 16-36$ like this.

 MARKETINGMarketing is the long run status that needs you to stick to.Firstly, Shopify has built-in SEO features, automated marketing, and free educational material, you will always be one step ahead of the competition.Furthermore, you need to start an extensive social media push on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest etc. Most of us like hanging around the social media, we like to watch what are other people doing and showing. We like to check some funny videos and enjoy the attracting photos. We like show our fashion babies and our fantastic trip or family life. Now we already spent a lot of time on it, why not use it and attracting our own audience and transfer the audiences to be our customer.

Of course, the audiences group of your own is far not enough for bigger business. Some advertisement by Google AdWords, Facebook Ads or Pinterest Ads is also necessary and much faster to get some traffic to your website.About marketing, it is a big topic and hard to finish by such a short blog here.

 PRODUCTSWhat you are going to sell is the top important thing. Choose your right professional kids’ clothing wholesale supplier will make your business easy and stable. KisKissing is international professional fashion children clothing manufacturer and supplier from China. KisKissing supplies trendy wholesale kids clothing, including baby rompers, girls princess dresses, girls and boys top and sweaters, baby shoes and accessories in very competitive factory price mainly range from 4usd to 7usd. The website is fit for small and medium business. You can place your order at KisKissing website directly with no minimum quantity. KisKissing has daily new arrivals which make sure you keep your website fresh every day.

The products are also specially selected which are top fashion and popular. The products are qualified, which were strictly checked piece by piece again before shipping. KisKissing also provides drop shipping service. You don’t need to buy inventory and can place an order directly on Kiskissing website. KisKissing will send the products that you ordered directly to your customers.  JUST TOUCHING THE SURFACEThe information I went over is just a touch of what you need to learn and understand about developing a successful online business.  With that said I think this gets you off on the right foot and I wish you the best of luck!


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