SELF assured about their job without the risk

SELFASSESSMENT ASSIGNMENT Section 1 – Summary of PersonalSkills Assessment ReportsPersonalityEvaluationAccording to the selfassessment report I’m in the category of ENTJs (extraversion, intuition,thinking, judging) who are problem solver and conceive what they think isbeneficial.  During thisanalysis I was able to gain more knowledge about myself as an individual.  These results show that I’m a person withgreat leadership qualities having strong and unreserved nature. I’m not afraidof dares and distinct tasks at work.

In future, I’m going to be in variousoccupations like university teaching to teach values and discipline to thelearners, retail sector will also be fantastic owing to my extrovert nature tocommunicate friendly with customers.Interests EvaluationInterest results shows that my concern is more increativity in which imagination is more significant and things are done withoutfollowing strict guidelines. I’m good in providing help to people and resolvetheir issues.

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I always put steps forward to execute everything according to theplan so that I do not get hurdles while doing any job. Despite that, I believein working with statistical figures rather than just facts and often follow strategiesin every work. I always lead people in different manners and take right decisionsfor the welfare of business and employees related to it.

I also put greatattention towards realistic way which includes empirical knowledge and dealswith living materials (plants and animals).Value EvaluationI would like to work in such areas in which employersstand by the side of employee off field and on field. I feel that staff shouldbe given firm security of jobs so that they assured about their job without therisk of getting unemployed. Workers should be given great rewards for their workdone and moreover they should also allow the employee to work independently anddeal them in friendly manner if there is any accidental mistake done by them.

 Section 2 – Self-reflection QuestionsØ Yes.Personality traits such as extraversion, intuition, tough minded (ENTJs)described in the report definitely matchup with my own personality as I amenergized by difficult situations and risks. I am a person who focuses ondominating the group and lead them in positive way at work. I engage more inpractical techniques not in just theoretical parts because i believe thatexperiential understanding is more rewarded than studious.Ø No,not really.

Everything elaborated in this report is firmly true as all the characteristics,interests and values completely describe my routine personality. I’m genuinelyhelpful, bold, active, challenging and convergent thinker who always supportswhat is right and never ignore anything unprofessional things happening aroundme.Ø Iusually did certain kind of assessments in life before too and the outcome isalways similar. My recent evaluation on self-reflection was done almost 1 yearago which also reflected the same attributes as that of today’s analysis.

Myinterest in dealing with plants and animals (living creatures) is always a keyfactor in my all self-reflection analysis done till now.  Ø Byall these assessments my employer can easily judge my capabilities and   hardworking qualities which every employerlooks in an employee regarding the job My interest will show him directrelevancy with a task assigned to me by the manager. This assessment will helpme in choosing career goals in various sectors like administrative and management,retail sector and human resources. Section 3 – Personality Traits atWorkThere are a lot ofdifferent words that my past supervisor can illustrate about me but the two perfectwords that effectively relates to my personality are multitasker and strongwork ethic. Multitasker leads to my personality because I always balance everysingle situation of business or company very efficiently and strong work ethicis something which every employer seeks in the employee and I think I am greatin this trait because I consistently respond well to targets given bysupervisors which indicates a willingness to do any work in short time period.


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