Self Awareness essay

Friend/ Doctor/ Therapist/ Philosopher/ Minister/ hero/ Guide/ Spouse/ Parent.

Know more about you? No the expert is YOU. You live in your own skin, mind and soul. 24 hours a day 7 days a week 52 weeks a year Day in and day out No one is closer to you than you. The answers are within. We need to do the soul searching. Perhaps all you’ve needed to solve your riddles is a useful question, to probe deep within. SELF AWARENESS Being aware of oneself would mean exploring and understanding oneself in the following areas. The way we behave and react in different situations ND with different sets of people.

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The likes, interests, desires and needs that motive us towards our goals. The attitudes, mind-sets, beliefs and values that influence our thoughts and behavior The feelings and emotions which arise from the primary experiences of our lives and have powerful influences. The way we view ourselves in terms of our opinion of our self and the way other’s view us. The way we perceive and experience ourselves, people around us and the larger world. WAYS OF DEFINING THE SELF A collection of behaviors, reflexes, habits and actions. An intellect which gives rise to thoughts, attitudes, mental sets and tendencies.A constellation of needs, desires and drives. A set of psychological processes and functioning comprising of striving, deciding, judging, perception, learning, feeling and thinking.

All the above and in the inner core a knowing self. Self is the sum of all these parts, but is an integrated and existential entity larger than the sum of the parts. It is dynamic and ever evolving. Self-awareness : Emotional awareness, accurate selfsameness, self-confidence Self-regulation: Self-control, righteousness, conscientiousness, adaptability, innovation.Motivation: Achievement drive, commitment, initiative, and optimism.

Empathy: Understanding others, developing others, service orientation, leveraging diversity, political awareness. Social Skills: Influence, communication, conflict management, leadership, change catalyst, building bonds, collaboration, and co-operation Self-awareness: includes one’s ability to recon size and understand one’s own moods, emotions, and drives, and to accept one’s own self with on?s strengths and weakness.Self-management: includes one’s ability to redirect and control one’s disruptive impulses and moods, judge how others might feel, before taking any action, and postpone gratification of immediate needs for long term goals. Internalize and optimism: include the orientation of taking charge of the situation, seeing failures as temporary and high hope and intense involvement (flow) as in contest with brooding over miseries (rumination) Motivation: involves the passion to work for reasons that go beyond money or status resilience, that is, the ability to bounce back from disappointments and pursue goals with energy and persistence.

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