Self Assessment of Leadership Practices essay

Scoring myself for the Seven Habits Profile was a little hard because the degree of my performance may not be as accurate compared to if it was one of my co-workers evaluating me. As best as I could, I evaluated myself based on the statements given. I scored “good” to “very good” on most while received fair on some. I received my good scores in Emotional Bank Account, Life Balance, Think Win-win, Seek First to Understand, Synergies, and Sharpen the Saw. Received my highest score of 15 in three categories, one of which is the foundational habits of theSeven Habits, Life Balance.

Believe this is a very meaningful section. It talks about having balance in all aspects of a person’s life: work, family, and friends. It also talks about balancing the amount and degree of work done to where it does not cause exhaustion. Another aspect in this category is keeping in mind the needs of the people that I am working for. I received a fair score on some categories as well. These categories are Be Proactive, Put First Things First, and Begin with the End in Mind. The lowest score I received is in the latter.I do agree in this evaluation.

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P to now, I am unsure about what I want to accomplish in life. I have been in the nursing field for the past 10 years, but am uncertain if I want to stay in this field. I am currently delving into the business field, to determine if it is something would like to do. I am also a procrastinator. Do not make any preparations for what I need to do.

I do however plan early of what I would like to do, although do not end up being able to accomplish it on time. Leadership Strengths I have been working in a psychiatric hospital for the past 9 years.For four ears, I worked as a Licensed Vocational Nurse while in the last five years as a Registered Nurse. I have also been working as a house supervisor.

I manage roughly one hundred employees daily. In order to do so, I use my Transactional Leadership skill. According to Bass (1985), transactional leaders pinpoint their followers’ needs and actively participate in an exchange for a job well done, like handing out rewards. I show this through honesty and integrity. A leader who is untrustworthy is someone their followers will not follow.

Show honesty and integrity because I do not promise anything that cannot do.One specific thing is employees agreeing to help out and work overtime in exchange for working in a specific unit. I make sure the employee is aware that if I am unable to schedule them in the unit they prefer to work at, that they are aware of this before schedule them to work. It is then up to them to still agree or refuse to work. The employees need to know the truth so they understand what they are getting themselves into. Another strength I show that refers to a transactional leader is sociability.

Sociability means having interpersonal skills.I have the capability to speak tit the employees in a professional manner but still be able to connect with them in a personal matter. Employees come to me in private to speak about their issues and concerns at work. Multiple employees have told me that they feel comfortable with me because they feel like I know what they are experiencing and that understand where they are coming from. I feel that this is a very important aspect as a manager because the employees should be comfortable to speak to the managers about their problems. Bass, B.

M. (1985). Leadership and performance beyond expectations.

New York: Free Press.

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