When is out of focus?… Being blind

When a character in the play Tartuffe talks about seeing, they aren't talking about actually seeing, but understanding or believing.The problem in the story concerned with not seeing, which is what starts this sequence of events. Orgon refuses to see the fact that Tartuffe is a hypocrite and won't believe it until he sees it with his own eyes near the end of the play.

To see how dedicated to Orgon is to Tartuffe, just look at page 319. When Dorine is telling him about the sickness his wife had, Orgon's only concern is Tartuffe, who was doing very well. The first mention of 'seeing' is on page 315, everyone except Madame Pernelle realizes that Tartuffe is a hypocrite. Even though Mariane, Elmire, Cleante, and Damis tell her that he is a fraud, Pernelle defends Tartuffe and criticises them. You see him as a saint. I'm far less awed; In fact I see right through him.

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He's a fraud. Page 321 is a conversation between Cleante and Orgon in which Cleante accuses Orgon of defending Tartuffe and saying that anyone who disagrees is in want of reverence. Which I believe means that he thinks that the accusers think that they are better than Tartuffe. Are you so dazed by this man's hocus-pocus That all the world, save him is out of focus?…

Being blind you'd have all others blind as well… And he who sees through humbug and pretence Is charged, by you, of want of reverence Scene 3 beginning on page 336 Tartuffe's facade is nearly.

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