Section part can only ask our friends who

Section III?MethodsIn the reseach, We will use interviews with foreign students as the main object of discussion. at the same time we also use data analysis method and the investigation method, selected from a documentary entitled “The Chinese in the Eyes of Foreigners” as an aid. The subjects of the research comprised two groups,the foreign students in our school and classmates of our friends who are studying abroad.

The main difference between the two groups is that the former has lived in China for some time while the latter has barely visited China. This is likely to have a great influence on their views on Chinese culture. Two groups each accounted for half of the research. So the data we get will be more reliable .Subjects for face-to-face interviews were randomly picked.

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Unfortunately, we cannot go abroad, so the second part can only ask our friends who are studying abroad to complete.Section IV: ResultsIn order to finish our group’s proposal and have a deeper understanding of Chinese and foreigners’ views on Chinese culture, our group randomly interviewed several students’ views on Chinese culture at school. Here are the questions.Foreigners:1.

What are the things that best reflect Chinese culture in your eyes? Why?2.Can you often come into contact with Chinese culture in your life? How are you exposed to them? 3.After you came to China, what do you think Chinese culture is very different from your original understanding of Chinese culture?Chinese:4.Do you keep a eye on globalization? 5.What do you think the role of Chinese culture in globalization?6.What kind of contribution will you make for Chines culture going to the world?We have consolidated the results of the interview of these students.

Foreign friends say Chinese culture is broad and profound, they thought that Chinese culture would be more conservative before they came to China. However, the cultural atmosphere of such an open and inclusive way let them quickly integrate into China’s life. When asked about the first question, the answers vary.

Some students say Chinese knots. Some students say china.…… From this we can see that Chinese culture is inclusive and foreign friends have a sense of belonging. A variety of cultural activities also enable foreign friends to have a better understanding of traditional Chinese culture.Chinese students say that the role of Chinese culture in globalization is to spread the concept of win-win cooperation and win-win development. China’s excellent traditional culture should be carried forward and spread to the world.

Students also expressed their willingness to contribute to the spread of Chinese culture. They said they should actively understand Chinese traditional culture and read classics in their spare time. It will also continue to innovate and spread the traditional and modern Chinese stories to the world.In today’s ever globalized world, more and more foreign friends are becoming more and more interested in Chinese culture.

 They learn the Chinese language, make Chinese friends, watch Chinese movies and TV series, and pay visits or even move to China.They understand the differences between the oriental and the occidental, and they could see through the appearance. Then,The lack of analytical reasoning in Chinese traditional culture has resulted in infertility of modern scientific technology.Dialectical reasoning needs the “supervision” of analytical reasoning,otherwise it will lead to sophism.The philosophy,once vulgarized,needs to be cleared on the basis of analytical reasoning.The important achievement of modern logic is the masterpiece of analytical reasoning,of which the philosophers should pay much attention to the enriched philosophical ideas and the challenges on the reflections of traditional philosophy.

What strategies to adopt to jointly build global culture calls for serious consideration. The modern literature in China has played an important historical role in the cultural globalization and the development of modern Eastern culture. The literature of East Asian countries share the same cultural heritage and the fine tradition of close communication in modern and present-day times, which provides a good basis for the development of contemporary literature of these countries. Furthermore,our rapid economic growth has guaranteed development.


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