Section desire to learn and understand the

Section 1:-

I was always
a curious child, and thus, have long harboured a desire to learn and understand
the reason behind why things are the way they are, and how things work. This
curiosity saw me take a keen interest in the fields of Computer Science. I
elected to enhance my ken in the

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through the pursuit of a BE in Computer Engineering, which I secured from the Mumbai
University and currently doing my Master’s in Information Systems at
Northeastern University. During my BE. I was also introduced to the creation of
web applications, as well as introduced to languages like .NET and JAVA. My
interest in computers was sparked by the story of how Jobs created Apple as a
technology firm with his friends. Also, inspired from the firm created by Steve
Jobs and his friends, I also had a start-up company assisted by my friends
named “TiffinBoxForSure” which linked two important aspects of today’s world,
the technology and women empowerment. These interests inspired me to develop my
proficiency in full stack web development and Web designing.


Section 2: –

My primary
goal is gain as much knowledge as I can during my Masters by working on projects
which involves full stack web development. With the help of my certifications
in Html5, CSS, bootstrap, JavaScript, MySQL, NodeJS, AngularJS, MongoDB I feel
it will serve as a strong foundation in the field of Web development. As a full
stack Software Developer, I would get an opportunity work on Front-End as well
as Back-end development which aligns with my area of interest. I would like to
pursue my Co-op as a Software Developer as I can get to work in real-time
projects and gain as much knowledge I can so that I can showcase my skills
after my graduation.


5 to 10
years after my profession career, I see myself as a Team Leader in one of the
top 200 companies in United States. Working in one of the top 200 companies
would help me gain a lot knowledge and showcase my team management skills which
I learnt during my BE where I was a Captain of my College Cricket Team and this
in turn would built my foundation towards my long-term goal.


gaining sufficient knowledge and experience in the field of Web development I
can surely move towards my long goals and my dream to work in any of my dream
companies which are Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Dell. I want to contribute
something to the world by working in these companies from my development as
well as my management skills. I always wanted to create something of my own interest
which can be efficient to this world which can set a touchstone in the industry.


I'm Gerard!

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