Secretbrain essay

The main idea of this article is primarily focused on how the brain works and function, understand memory and how your brain reacts to different situations. Also, other aspects of how researchers are finding new ways and various methods to find solutions to understand the brain better.

The brain is a difficult organ to understand, researchers are doing experiments on animals to try to find ways to repair brain functions that have died.This article also talks about different testing they are doing on different parts of the brain. List three important facts that the author uses to support the main idea. One fact the Mark Nichols says about the brain is “Scientist around the world are tackling age old mysteries of the brain and beginning to solve such puzzles as how memory works and why some people’s psyches can withstand the kind of horrific experiences that traumatized others. Mark Nichols also discusses how Canadian Researchers are trying to find a cure for unrepresentative conditions such as Parkinson, Huntington, and LouGeris Diseases, and show how to find out why brains cells don’t regenerate after injury. He talks about how the brain contains about 50 bill to 100 billion brain cells that make it very difficult to grasp what all the goes on in the brain. What information or ideas discussed in this article are also discussed in your textbook? Research Methods Neural Bases Of Behavior Tour through the Brain. What is the conclusion of the author? Do you agree or disagree and why? The Article is based on facts and applied research.

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Im not a scientist so I can’t agree or disagree.However do find it baffling that there is so much study of the brain that goes unseen. Its unbeliever to think how many hours, days, months researchers put in time to find or come up with different ways to uncover the brain. Think would say that the research shouldn’t stop. It will be very interesting to find out what will come with all the research and clinical test. Would like to thank you for opening yam eyes to this article. This concludes my appreciation for researchers and scientists for what they do.

Us mammary The article is “secret of the brain”, this is a true statement.The brain has lions and billions of parts that are untapped. This article is opening my eyes to see exactly how much research is worked on just for the brain and how it works. The article also talks about different research that could help with various kinds of breakthrough that could help millions of people in everyday lives.

I still and blown away at the fact as researchers have many ways to examine the brain and all this money and still really haven’t found many cures to help with neurological cases. It also seems like Canada is the forefront of where a lot of this research goes on at.

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