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Steven Morgado 10/18/06English 10 Twists and Reversals Twists and reversals are important in novels and stories you get used to one idea and then near the end it is switched completely around.

I believe twists and reversals are important in any story. In The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd there was one main reversal with Lily and her thoughts, There are other situations though including T-Ray. Lily’s image of her mother is perfect, then the shock of what August tells her is extraordinary. This shocked me greatly because I also had the same thought Lily did. I never thought her mother had left her. August tells her though, everything she didn’t want to know about her mother. She would’ve loved the keep the image of what she thought her mother was really like. Not what she knew now.

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August tells her how her mother left her when she was little. Lilly broke down completely just at this thought. She also found out she was an unwanted baby she wasn’t planned and if she hadn’t been born her mother and T-Ray probably would of never gotten married. Deborah really didn’t love him anymore.

August then told her she had gone back to get her to bring her to live with August. This is when Lilly’s thoughts all came rushing back to her. She was getting things from the closet when she grabbed the gun because T-Ray was arguing. The gun fell then Lilly grabbed it and then a big boom. August hadn’t known who had killed Deborah no one had ever told her. It had been Lilly and she couldn’t believe it. Everything Lilly thought about her mother went down the drain.

She knew she had loved her it just had been too much to handle at home with T-Ray. She just couldn’t help but feel responsible for her mothers leaving and death. Even though her mother only left because she really just didn’t like living with T-Ray on an isolated farm. Lilly after all this was still felt very responsible for everything that had happened to her mother.

She still felt that if she hadn’t been born that none of this would of happened to her mother and she would have been happy. What she didn’t realize is that just because she was an unplanned baby it doesn’t mean her mother didn’t love her. She also felt a greater anger.

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