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Second social media is the best place to find real ranking percentages for any kind of business, and give the business the opportunity to know the costumers feedback about their products and activities.

Social media do offer applications that rank certain places, companies, restaurants, shops, hotels, schools, universities and much more either by offering people right to go online and write reviews or by putting wide range of background information which will give us opportunity to take a look on real percentages of ranking. The most used example is hotels usually people before travelling to another country dive into social network sites (such as Trivago,, expedia, Travelocity,agoda,hotels combine…) to find the best hotel with the best price. On other hand costumers have a better opportunity to write their feedback about the products and activities the business is offering freely and without any restriction which will allow business the opportunity to know the feedback of costumers and work on negative ones to improve and to first save their reputation and second strengthens the loyalty percentage of its customers. Third is recruiting, social media is a good platform to post a tweet or even a picture that has certain requirements, skills, certificates, or even experience for a certain position in business. This kind of advantage is mostly found in companies and stores were we find on their social media site such post that has certain qualification requirements that a person must have to give him a certain position in company. Opponents of advantage usage of social media believe that although social media has some advantages but they will evacuate in front of its numerous disadvantages. First, social media grants a high risk of cyber bullying (using social media to bully a person by sending humiliating and threatening massages).

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A late study has proven that about 25 percent of teens have been subjected to cyber bullying. And the cause of this percentage increasing is that anyone is able to go online and create a fake account and commit whatever acts he/she wants without being punished for the threat that they have planted on individuals and society. Another disadvantage they rely on is the threat social media poses on personal data of each individual and his/her privacy through hacking. Hacking is a using a certain technique that enables a person to interrupt another person private account and make benefits of information found on his account. A third cause they rely on is cheating and relationship issues.

Social media has given us a greater opportunity to communicate and get to know new faces. Facebook and instgram are playing a major role in getting people to know new faces to interact and communicate with which has created a new way to gain new friends. In addition to that social media have become a new method for going in new relations and discover new people. But on other hand these friendships and relations may be a fake since the account can be a fake account or a person might be already in a relation and here cheating percentage will increase.

And sadly this is what is happening today the percentage of divorce and breaking up relations is increasing due to going into new relations through social media. Fourth is that social media affects the reputation of business and lead to its economic loss. Social media is a free platform where people can go online and write whatever they want and about anything, and this is a good point for business that compete with each other for example if we have 2 companies X and Y that work in the same domain, here workers, owners, or even loyal clients of any of companies can go online and write bad views about the other company which will affect its reputation negatively and decrease the chance of economic gain for the company. Last but not least for those on opposite stand is that people using social media will have a kind of addiction on it. People using social media will get used to use it repetitively and get used to it as a daily habit, People now a day’s look to go to social media even if they are busy and have plenty of work or study to do, since they are afraid to miss a certain post, tweet, story or even an image. Although the disadvantages that the opponents rely on are real in a way, but yet we can’t neglect that the advantages of social media on individuals, state, and states economy, the latest studies had proven that social media has played a major role in development of economy of state which will affect the individual positively.

In addition to another study that mentions that continue using social media in this manner will allow the social media to be the bank of the future, and this is by starting to increase the idea of investment on social media.


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