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WongEnglish 10/Period 217 August 2018Blaming HelenHelen of Troy, was a queen, her purpose as a queen feels as if it was being a wife in today’s society. She can be the most beautiful person in the world, but as a woman, she has to clean the dishes, do the laundry, take care of the children, etc. Helen was blamed for causing the Trojan war. She was involved in the war, Helen did not do anything in the war. The complicated part about the Odyssey (or the Iliad) is Helen is often blamed for starting the Trojan war. In Helen’s story, this leads to her being made a scapegoat which means blaming someone for one’s mistakes.

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The history of the Odyssey and the way women were treated back then was very deep in the past, as of now, the Odyssey will still be remembered but the history of women still lives on. In the early days of women, they were seen as wives who were to cook, clean and to care for their children. Women were treated as if there were an object. They were not allowed to even vote, women usually are the ones who stay home while men took care of jobs and taking care of bills. The sad truth of many modern day women around the world includes domestic violence, killing, prostitution, rape, degradation, and verbal abuse. Women have always been mistreated, and when compared to men’s physical strength and way of thinking, it is more reasons to think men are better. The best thing about a woman is having lots of power and potential, but it is sometimes tough to understand.

Going back to Helen being a scapegoat, she was held responsible for all actions in the Trojan war. Why is it that women are often being blamed for one’s mistakes in times like this? There is no proof of Helen starting the war, no justice being served. There should have been a logical explanation for why they decided to blame Helen for starting the war. In the modern world, we have the Court, judges, and lawyers. If a topic was someone accusing their mistakes to someone else, well, there can be several discussions and arguments to talk about that. It seems unfair, not just for Helen, but all women (in today’s society).

They never deserved this kind of act, but that is just the way it went on. Instead of asking the question of Helen, whether or not she started the Trojan war, maybe start asking the men who clashed their swords and threw spears.


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