Scene you could just say that I’ve suddenly

Scene 1INT. ‘Shades of Grey' Lounge Bar – evening(character monologue)It all started with a sinking feeling that felt familiar.Soft music began to flow from the ceiling speakers: Andre Rieu's ‘Jeux interdits'.

The melody never failed to send a shudder through me, but this time it hit me harder than ever. I had to bend forward, keep my face in my hands, preventing my skull from falling apart. That feeling – I've had it all my life, but never as strong as this.

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I just wanted the world to stop moving. Then I raised my head, after the dizziness faded away, and started to scan that fanciful room and the people there – some of them were chitchatting, flirting, dirty dancing, getting drunk, or seeking to get laid that night whatsoever. If only I had a seatbelt around me to fasten, so I could stay as far as I could from that piece of depraved society. I haven't chosen to be there, you could just say that I've suddenly woken up there.

Actually, I can't even remember. My mind was blank. Erased. Gone. Who were those strange people? Did I know them? It was as though I was looking at them through frosted glass. I wasn't a part of that world, that's for sure, and how could I be? There were constantly people coming in as if they had a prize to win. These cartoon characters, who spend their lives slaving away at a job they hate, only to get home next and watch soaps.

The supposed "normal", victims of a cliched life they've seen on TV, coming towards me and giving me some life lessons I could somehow use. In a way I had become a victim, but of something else. It felt like nothing of the film running in front of me had something to do with me. It somehow consumed me. So I found myself with my eyes wide open, laughing all by myself in the middle of the room, thinking of all I had lost during my life: times gone for ever, friends who had died or disappeared, feelings I would never know again. The next moment, from.

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