Scotland percent of 15- year- old girls

Scotland has the highest rates of health inequality in Europe and North America. Adolescents in Scotland have poorer health rates than in many other countries. Although, children, usually up to age 11, are considered to have better health than teenagers.

As children grow up, their health levels decrease. They start stressing about school, they don’t exercise regularly, don’t get the proper nutrition, they start smoking too much, and they misuse substances, like cannabis. Poverty and a low income have a lot to do with the lack of wellbeing and health issues of adolescents. A study shows that 80 percent of 15- year- old girls and boys reported multiple health complaints, as in head and stomach aches, and they were more likely to have been drunk two times or more in their lifetime, which is a 20 percent increase since 2006. Indeed, there are things that can increase the health of children in Scotland, such as ending poverty, supporting families, and improving their physical and social environments. Being that as it may, the Scottish government is already doing something about alcohol consumption and smoking rates.

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They are also encouraging active living, healthy eating, and positive mental health.


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