Science has proved that relationships have a

Science has proved that relationships have a huge impact on young adults’ life therefore there are opinions state that connections between family members are the most important connections.Others think that it is friendship that affect young adults’ life more than any relationships.To my point of view I support the former opinion for the following reasons.In the first place,family is the financial support that early adults can count on.They can pursue their dream much easier with the help of relatives.More over,family is a great provision on psychological aspects.It aids young adults on overcoming their difficult situations in life.Equally important,family is the motivation that stimulate young adults to make effort on achieving success.A good example for this is the president of the United States:Barack Obama.He shared that the most important reason for his working hard is to give his mother a life she’s deserved.Even though relationships between family members are significant however friendship still place an essential roles in young adults life so it is good to balance these affairs.To sum up,family is needed for all young adults because of the benefits it brings to their life nevertheless it is still better equalize between friends and family.


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