Schools can affect a child in many

Schools are not taking sufficient action to address bullying in grades K-8th.

This is an issue because bullying has major effects on the grades and drive to learn in young students. While writing this, many questions were raised about bullying in schools. The questions used to guide the research done were questions like,”How does bullying affect the way students learn?,”How many children are bullied during school hours?,”What is done to stop bullying?”, and “Why are some students bullied more than others?”.

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These are very interesting questions, because bullying is a common occurrence in schools, so it is interesting to think about how students are reacting to it, how it is affecting their learning and school work, how often bullying happens, and what teachers and staff are doing to prevent it. Finding out more about bullying is very important because it can affect a child in many ways, and even change their life. Many people can probably relate to bullying and even think back to how it has affected them. Bullying is a major issue in the education system that affects many students in many ways, a variety of solutions need to be made for this issue, so students can feel safe again.

Clark 2For students being in the education system is hard enough, even without the constant fear of having to watch their back for bullies. For a child that’s being bullied, the fear of what the bully is going to do next is more focused on than the actual material being taught in the classroom. According to Megan Polanin “85% of students are victims of bullying in school”(Polanin 304 ). This is a very high percentage, out of a class of 20 children 17 of them could be victims of bullying. If students are too distracted by the thought or fear of getting bullied they are not completely focused on the tasks being done during school hours.

This means that 85% of students can not learn to their full potential, and bullying is taking away from an education that every student deserves. More than just a slap on the wrist or a talk with the teacher needs to be done to prevent something that affects the way children learn so greatly. The future of our country relies on these children and what they are learning, they need to be learning how to care for one another and work together. Not that everyone around them is thinking badly of each other. Not only does bullying affect students school work, it also has emotional and mental effects that can greatly affect the way children learn.

In her article, Elizabeth Villares explains how “depression, low self esteem, and anxiety are just a few mental effects bullying has on children”(Villares 341-342). A victim of bullying can be affected by depression because at a young developmental age when someone brings a child down they start to believe the words they are hearing and it makes them feel worthless. Clark 3This leads to low self esteem, and can affect the way a student learns because it gives them no drive to pay attention in class. It also causes students to feel like they are not worthy of an education. Bullying also leads to anxiety because students become worried and anxious about when and what the bully is going to say or do next. This affects the way students learn because it makes them too nervous to perform in front of an audience, makes them less social, and makes it harder for them to make friends in the classroom.

According to Anne Williford ” bullying in children targets the development of empathy.” (Willford 526 ). In today’s education system students are often harassed and bullied multiple times on a daily basis. As a child is developing they often learn the behavior they see, since the students are treated with such negative behavior they start to lack empathy skills that are taught at a young age, and start to bully others as well.

Therefore not only are students losing education from being bullied in school, they are also being taught negative behaviors and growing up with the lack of empathy. In today’s society, education is very important and is most often needed to succeed in life. Bullying causes children to fail and even drop out of school, but yet so little is done to prevent it. Even when schools are taking action, the approaches being taken by teachers and staff are not efficient. According to Kirsten Weir the method of telling the teacher does not work “because they punish bullies in ways that make them dislike their victims even more”(Weir 6).

Because of this students are less likely to tell an adult due to the Clark 4fear of making the bully even more mad. The punishments these bullies get are negative which end up giving the bully an even more negative outlook on the victim. According to Susan Carter “staff are reluctant to suspend students for an extended period of time due to pressures of parents and litigation” (Carter 156). Something more needs to be done in the education system to find successful methods to fix the issue of bullying so students can feel safe at school and get the education they deserve.

A major issue that comes with bullying is the fact that it can lead to depression and even suicide. Many parents have no clue that their child is being bullied because most children are too embarrassed by it and don’t tell the people they are closest to. According to the website “” signs that a child is being bullied can consist of “declining grades, loss of interest in schoolwork, not wanting to go to school, frequent headaches or stomach aches, difficulty sleeping, frequent nightmares, and unexplainable injuries”. Parents and guardians should keep a lookout for these signs and take action if these are to occur.

Along with parents not knowing about a child being bullied, many do not know that their child is a bully. All it takes is for a child to meet the wrong friends and become a bully themselves. Signs to lookout for if a child is a bully is if they are “increasingly aggressive, have friends who bully others, have unexplained extra money or new belongings, or don’t accept responsibility for their actions”.

If a child shows any of these signs look into as soon as possible and see what could be causing the child to act this way. Clark 5Many people have arguments about the effects of bullying and what should be done to stop it. One popular argument is that kids are “soft” these days and bullying will only make them stronger and teach them how to deal with issues later in life. My argument to this is that children are meant to be soft and treated as they are.

Bullying also does the opposite and makes children want to hide from their problems later in life due to the fear of confrontation that was instilled in them at such a young age. Another argument frequently used is that schools are not responsible for bullying, the parents of the bully are. My response to this is that although the parents are responsible for teaching their children what is right from wrong, the actual act of bullying is happening in schools during school hours, so the staff there should be looking out for it and stopping it.

A popular response to bullying is that bullying will always exist and there will always be rude people in this world, so children need to learn it now anyway. My response is that if a child is being a mean bully and is caught and taught how to act right, then maybe they would grow up knowing how to treat people better. That is what is wrong with today’s society, we just assume people will be rude at such a young age instead of trying to change people with help and make them better. Maybe if we went about it in a different way the world could be a much better place. People are so quick to shut issues down with excuses and arguments against them, that is why problems never get solved.

If bullying was addressed and fixed then the children in our country could get the education they deserve. Clark 6Bullying is a major issue in the education system that affects many students in many ways, a variety of solutions need to be made for this issue, so students can feel safe again. Many things were brought to attention over the course of this paper such as bullying needs to be more payed attention to, and that it has so many more effects on students than just their grades. Bullying can lead to major mental issues that affect a child’s thoughts and even change them for life.

No action is being taken to prevent this issue when in reality huge action should be being taken, and no student should ever have to be scared to go to school, or too distracted from fear to concentrate during class.


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