School, maybe when you asked yourself as a

 School, to some known as the seven cruel hours of our lives and to others although not many as the place that you go to learn and prepare yourself for the real world that follows. While it is true that school should theoretically help to better educate students for when they go out into the world to find a career to pursue but it may also be doing the opposite.

What I’m essentially saying is what if the school system is outdated? I know that many teachers and successful people might tell you otherwise but statistically it seems that this rising debate may soon have an answer. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t just believe what someone says don’t worry because I have some verified statistics taken from participating international schools to maybe persuade you into thinking that maybe when you asked yourself as a kid if school was necessary, that maybe you were onto something. Today I will be concentrating mostly on the three main indicators that our beloved schools may need an update, The early years of the education system, Student results today vs the past and the finally the students point of view. To know for sure if our current education system is showing its age I think the only way to know would be to go back to the beginning of its use.

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Here in Canada it wasn’t until around the early 17 centuries that schools came about. Back then schools didn’t follow a centralized education system and were primarily small chapels which would grant a student a private religious education. These circumstances favored home schooling and didn’t offer much education for the common citizen. Most people would have been taught important manual labour techniques rather than mental training to help them adjust to their more rugged lifestyles which would have favoured their brawn over brain. It wasn’t until the late 18th century that free formal schooling was made public and the education system was born. Surprisingly it hasn’t changed much throughout the years and it wasn’t until the early 19 centuries where modern schooling was available. The system was strikingly similar to that of today and even now you can find remnants of its existence. Back during its creation, the industries were booming and the factories were where the business was at so naturally the education system was modeled around preparing students to work in factories.

They focused on three main values, DO AS YOUR TOLD, LISTEN CLOSELY and DON’T ASK QUESTIONS. These might have been good values to follow in the industrial age but not now. These values are actually what is holding the education system back from what it could be by giving students the idea that they are not in control and that sitting down and following orders like a robot will grant you success. Unfortunately, that just doesn’t cut it now a day with our world valuing leaders that can take initiative and think out of the box to adapt to their situations. 


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