School and overcoming unexpected fierceness at school. 1.

School has always been a place where students achieve knowledge, improve their morality to better themselves and grow up. Therefore, it should be a good environment and safety for students to work and enjoy their school life. However, one problem which is always ready to happen whenever and wherever in any form is school violence. From social media, just only a small number of children and teen-age have been reported undergoing bullying. Nevertheless, this opinion is likely to be fallacious because “bullying is a highly invisible phenomenon” (Gutierrez, 2017).  Violence in school has seemingly become an alarming trouble all over the world.

According to Tuoi Tre News, over a half of Vietnamese students in both urban areas and countryside are getting involved in school violence. For this reason, people all over the world should act immediately by any suitable method to stop this phenomenon. As a consequence, this article is aimed at raising awareness about the facts, possible causes, impacts, as well as giving useful recommendations for both pupils and teachers in preparing and overcoming unexpected fierceness at school.

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1.      Discussion of findings1.1.

Noticeable facts about school violence. There are many definitions for the term School Violence, one of which is known as a bodily or oral quarrel that can lead to physical or mental harm to another person or community (Enyinnaya, 2016). Shocking data have been announced to demonstrate how widespread this problem is.

As can be seen, there are roughly thousands of videos about brutality at school around the world posted every day. According to a survey of Susan Edelman and Sara Dorn retrieved from New York post (2017), 95 percent of Wildlife teachers said students are likely to stab their classmate to death; following by this point, it is surveyed that nearly a quarter of Wildlife students said they felt unsafe in classroom while over one third of the Academy kids thought their class were insecure. Moreover, according to a survey of Gutierrez (2017), approximately 70 percent of students in first and second grade in public secondary schools in Peru stated undergoing many types of violence from their friends, and almost one in three students are seemingly symptomatic of gloominess. Meanwhile, in a report of Bidwell (2014), there are a large number of teachers who were threatened with injury and were bodily harmed by their student. Therefore, not only students but also their teachers have been influenced detrimentally on this phenomenon. 1.2.

Possible causes of school violence.School violence is one of the social ill occurred for many reasons. The first cause is jealousness. The modern education system has significantly carried out competitions among the children. Consequently, the failures of various school’s pursuits or examinations make students envious and they start to disgrace each other. Since then, violence in school has been come into being.Another reason of school violence may be violent media. Social media today is rife with violence and evil factor.

That TV programs and a large number of aggressive movies such as war, killing, … are showed several times makes children suppose that it is a very normal thing.Next, school play an important role in the reason of violence in school. Students always have to cope with stresses of study, additional requirements and conflicts. Furthermore, young people bullied and joked by others may lead to violent retribution, and after that, they are likely to acts without thinking carefully.It is commonly supposed that violent behaviors result from poor rearing by parents.

It has been widely claimed that adolescents seeing violent acts in their family life are more prone to do so. Moreover, broken family relationships may be a serious factor causing this problem. These parents could lack of time to spend with their kids due to their busy work and the life of each member. Therefore, that they cannot satisfy rearing their children in the right way cause 1.

3. Impacts. 1.3.1.      To social School violence expressed moral decadence and deviation in terms of behavior which is alarming a part of society today.

The case of school violence has contributed to social disorder, brought the burden to the society, affected the future generations of the country as well as the development of the country later. 1.3.

2.      To victims School violence leads to the consequences in terms of the body. It is bruises, scratches, damage to bones, even took their lives.

The children effected by violence often feel vulnerable, anxious, depressed, lonely, tired. Moreover, they are prone to depression, fear, phobia, isolated themself from the outside world, which causes difficulties in daily life and even while they are maturing. They also have tendency to find ways to revenge.1.3.3.

      To schools. School violence causes an adverse effect on the general learning environment because students no longer feel safe in their school. Many students expressed fear and anxiety to go to school by frequent absence.

In addition, the violence will affect the reputation of these schools and the accomplishments of the class’ s competition. Futhermore, teachers and parents would feel worry, tense and insecure about the safety of their children due to the fact that school violence is always spying and may appear at any time. 1.3.4.      To the Family. School violence seemly affects the happiness and the future of every family.

Victims’ s parents who often recieve emotional pain can not be offset. Likewise, it can make these parents are always in a state of anxiety about the safety, the future and the lives of their children. Families who have children caused the violence could lead to conflicts of each member in raising and managing these children. Moreover, the family’ s life is also affected by the disturbance as well as the reaction of public opinion. If the violence left serious results of the body, the family must take a large number of money to solve the major financial consequences. 1.

4. Solutions.2.

3.1 From CommunityCultural agencies, information or social media should disseminate awareness for                             people in the community about the negative effects of school violence and the responsibility to prevent this problem. Moreover, the government and local polices should monitor regularly and settle the social ills, crime around them, besides they could often check shops around school zones and organize monthly meetings coordinated educational plans to prevent promptly disruptive youth, disorderliness and victimization. In addition, agencies that are interested in the prevention of school violence should have forms of reward for the participants to prevent acts of school violence as well as some strict penalties openly and promptly for acts causing serious consequences.

                        2.3.2. From FamilyParents should always care about their children, especially in high school.Frequent exchanges, collaboration with the school to capture the bossy behavior.

People need to see deeply about how their family educated them. They usually only pay attention to children’s learning results instead of thinking about their friends’ s behavior. Parents should involve in their children’ s life by talking to them, ask them about their considerations and worries to ensure that they are not suffered from any type of violence. Families also need a critical condemnation of violent and threatening measures to set an example for others. 2.

3.3.   From school. Teachers should not only teach their children but also instruct them to do the right things. School should organize extracurricular activities for students to communicate with others and fix their defects.

Moreover, they should reduce competitions to lessen enviousness among children. Besides that, they could intensify collaboration with the family and society to monitor, educate as well as promptly tackle conflicts arising from the start though just small inconsistencies. One cannot control this problem completely, however, if everyone joins hands to help reducing school violence, everything will be ameliorated. 2.      Conclusion.In conclusion, school violence is a big problem at all the school around the world for not only students but also their teachers no matter how old they are. Obviously, it could be a danger by threaten victims and make them live in fear. As a result, both governmental and non-governmental organizations should make efforts to properly tackle this trouble to give the good environment back.

Therefore, students could keep calm to try their best and enjoy their beautiful lives.


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