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School dress codes are unequal towards both sexes. But don’t worry boys. We’ll cover our whole bodies to make sure that you have a good education!!!Do boys really get distracted by a shoulder?? Or the back of someone’s neck? The skin on our shoulders and stomach is the SAME skin that is on our faces, so are you gonna dress code us for having our faces not covered enough? Yes short dresses and shorts will distract boys and girls but when it’s 40+ degrees outside some girls don’t want to die of heat stroke in blue jeans. Will they just suffer and wear blue jeans? Trust me most of them will suffer because not every girl enjoys wearing boy shorts. For example: jeggings- they are basically skinny jeans but way more comfortable.

Some girls are getting sent home for wearing them, but when boys who are wearing regular blue jeans, letting them sag and hang off their butts and show their underwear, but do they get sent home because of it? No. Also they limit our expression and comfort in so many ways. Dress codes have some kind of restriction on every single item of clothing, among other things a girl can put on. Shorts and skirts have to be a certain length, normally mid-thigh or knee length. Tops are required to have a certain size strap or sleeve, and bra straps are not allowed to be seen. No shirts that reveal midriffs are allowed either.

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Sometimes the amount of how much a girls back is showing is restricted. Leggings and yoga pants can’t be too tight in some schools they are banned completely. These regulations clearly apply to girls more than they do to boys. Boys shorts are made longer, their tank tops have thicker straps and they have no bra straps or cleavage to hide. Do we really think this is all a coincidence? Dress codes are clearly written for girls.

No one is monitoring the length of a guys cargo shorts, but someone is always watching for a dress that comes up a little too short. Lastly, Think about it. Who has to dress a certain way to make sure their body is covered? Who will be asked to change if they don’t follow this rule? Who will be taken out of class or even sent home if their clothes are deemed to be too distracting? Girls. This concept is beyond belief. Because a female student’s body might pose a distraction to a male students education, her education is interrupted and put on hold until she can find something more suitable for the classroom. Girls are taught that they must cover up their bodies for the benefit of any males that may see them.

Girls from age 12 in sixth grade to age 18 in grade 12 are taught that their bodies are always sexualized and bad, and that they must cover them up to appear decent. What about girls getting distracted? Maybe the boxers hanging out of the top of a boys pants is distracting or perhaps she’ll be so entranced by an athlete’s biceps that she’ll miss the entire lesson. The answer to that: “girls should have more self-control!”.

Dress codes NEED to be more equal towards BOTH sexes. We will not settle for this anymore!


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