School given importance as students serve as primary

School cafeterias around the Philippines are not likely to run out of business. Like any other business establishments, the driving force on the continued service is that it basically provides income for the owners and its employees. Aside from that force, there are other factors that affect the kind of services provided by the cafeterias. One such factor is catering to students’ nutritional needs which of course are given importance as students serve as primary consumers of such services. Service is the most important factor to improve the satisfaction on school meals (Jung et al.

, 2009). Food service attributes offered in the canteen are considered crucial in influencing satisfaction and behavioural welfare of the students. This study will focus on the dining experience of the students within and outside the campus.

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This research will be able to identify the perceptions of those students in relation to the reasons behind the preferences of food services. It aims to investigate the student’s perception and satisfaction towards the quality of service served in the canteen of SPSPS in the method of interviewing the target interviewees about the food quality, staff’s attitudes and characteristics, and the place itself. Through also the means of correlating the services observed in the canteen to the services offered outside the premises.


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