Scene Caesar’s body and Brutus leaves. As

Scene two takes place at the forum where Brutus speaks before the citizens telling them they killed Caesar for the good of Rome. He explained that Caesar was ambitious and that he feared the Romans would live as slaves under Caesar’s leadership. Antony enters with Caesar’s body and Brutus leaves. As Brutus welcomes Antony the citizens applaud Brutus and state they want him asking. They agree he killed Caesar for the right reason. Antony then speaks to the crowd. Antony manages to turn the citizens against the conspirators about Caesar’s good works and his concern for the people. Antony brings out Caesar’s will and the people get him to read it. He refuses until he was later convinced by the citizens. Before reading the will they all look at Caesar’s body and mourn. As Antony reads the will it says that Caesar has left all his money for the people of Rome and to make the private parks public. As Antony stirs the people to kill the conspirators and destroy Rome. He learns that Octavius has arrived in Rome and Brutus and Cassius have fled.


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