Saving soldiers pass so they won’t get ambushed.

Saving Private Ryan.“Saving Private Ryan” was film about World War II when a mother (Mrs. Ryan) is about to receive a telegram about 3 out of her 4 sons died in battle. But the Army chief and staff wants to ease some of her grief so he sends a squad of 8 men to retrieve the fourth brother.

In my opinion this film hits all the aspects of WWII, to the landing of D-Day, weapon technology, brotherhood and how cold blooded some soldiers became. The landing of D-Day was horrific as soon as they opened the doors of the boats the soldiers were shot instantly by MG 42’s that can 12,000 rpm (rounds per minutes). They didn’t even have chance and the ones who didn’t get shot had to face mines, but the allies had a weapon the Bangalore torpedo which was used to clear barbed wire and minefields.On the third day after D-Day Cpt.

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Miller and his seven men went off to search for Private Ryan.In their first encounter they saw this family trying to escape the battle zone and needed help but Cpt. Miller didn’t want to help because that wasn’t there mission but Private Caparzo wanted to help them because the girl reminded him of his niece but then he got shot by sniper trying to help them and he died moments later. I really liked this scene because even though that wasn’t there mission Caparzo wanted to help people and do the right thing and died trying. Then another scene that I liked was when the squad had a decision to make either it was to go threw and attack the German Defense post or go around it the squad was in favor of going around it but Cpt. Miller wanted to attack so any other American soldiers pass so they won’t get ambushed. So they did and at the end of the battle medic Wade was critically injured and one of the Germans surrendered , Wade didn’t make it, but Private Reiben wanted to shoot the German solider but Corporal Upharm said that the battle ended and it was wrong so they brought it up to the Captain Miller and he said to blindfold him and told him to walk straight.

This caused a division in the squad Private Rebien started yelling at the Captain because it was his fault that wade died and now he let the German walk, so he wanted to leave. Then Sergeant Horvath pulled a gun to Rebien face told him he was going to shot him for walking out , then Cpt. Miller heard told him if wanted leave he could leave.I learned a lot from this Scene for example that war is serious, not fun and any decision.

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