Sarissa the ground. It had happened about 3:20

 Sarissa Betters01-19-18English III                                                                    An Idea of Life…This is a story about Catherine Genovese she was a brave woman who died March 13, 1964.

She was 28 years old and stabbed to death outside her apartment in New york. She had screamed for help, yelling “i’m dying.” There was about 38 citizens in Queens, NY who watched the man stab her constantly. Not one called for help until the scene was over with and they saw the woman on the ground. It had happened about 3:20 AM.

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She was returning home as a manager of a bar. Windows were open, and lights went on in many apartments. The man had stabbed her three times. Winston Moseley had raped and stabbed her, left her to die, alone, crying and pleading for help. Kitty Genovese was known as energetic and very popular in school.

She was a secretary, a waitress and a hostess. Kitty was a reliable, hard working employee. She constantly worked and was saving up for her life dream job. Genovese wanted to open her own Italian restaurant. She was an independent woman. She didn’t need anyone to support her. After the man had stabbed her once, he sat in his car at least a hundred yards away.

The man was scared off but didn’t hear any sirens, he was determined to finish what he started. The man got out of the car and found genovese bleeding and terrified. He stabbed her again and raped her. He stood up and took $49 dollars from litty left, her alive and barely breathing. A police report had indicated 12 stab wounds.

Six days after the attack Moseley confessed to the murders of Annis Johnson, Barbara Kralik and Kitty Genovese. He was arrested, found guilty and sentenced to death. Moseley died in a prison at the age of 81. Kitty Genovese had a horrific death. Something a woman should never have to go through.

This woman became an American legend an innocent woman who died alone and how no one came to her aid. This is an idea of life…


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