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What life or professional issues are you tackling by doing this personal development plan? ) What is your vision/goal for this plan? (Why is this personal development plan topic important to you? ) As appropriate, you are encouraged to bring in information you gleaned from the self-assessments you have done so far. What Is Your Jungian Typology? Introvert (89%) Sensing (38%) Thinking (25%) Judging (44%). L] How Productive Are You? 48 C] Locus of Control- 29 CLC Are You Experiencing Burnout? 45 0 Stress Scale- 135Development is a lifelong of nurturing, shaping and improving an individual’s skills, knowledge and interests to ensure my maximum effectiveness and adaptability, and to minimize the obsolescence of my skills and my chances of redundancy. So far, have taken several assessments that have not only made me learn about myself, but also gave me a reflection on my life, and the steps need to take in order for them to benefit me in the future.

What have I learned about myself so far is probably one of the hardest and easiest questions I have to answer about myself.From taking the assessment “What is your Jungian Typology? I think really made me see the type of person I have been so far. I will admit that I have always been a person that has kept to their self, and has always had a very keen sense. I think by taking a assessment such as think will not only benefit personally, but professionally as well. One of my most favorite assessments would have to be the Stress Scale assessment that not only showed me what my stress level is, but also how I respond to efferent situations that I am put in.I received a score of 135 which means that I have a low to moderate chance of becoming ill in the near future.

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What I plan on gaining by doing this plan is learning more about me as a person, and what can I do not only to improve my life professionally, but also academically as well. On a professional note I think with me doing this plan would offer me the ability to better solve problems and develop the positive attitudes and approaches associated with a successful professional life.Now many employers now expect employees to understand their own performance, and to know how to adapt to meet times of increased workload, stressful situations or conditions of change. What is your vision or goal for this plan? My vision or goal for this plan is too become a better more well-rounded individual that will not only be a better person to others, but a better person to me. This personal development plan will create a positive, forward-looking approach that will allow me to make better choices.

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