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First Body Paragraph In the United States, circumstances often Topic sentence force people to live alone. For example, many high school and college graduates move away Background: from their hometowns and continue their Statistics educations or take jobs. Most schools assign roommates, but employers usually expect And how they people to take care Of their own living relate to the arrangements. Also, married people might feel thesis.

They will always be together, but currently one out of two marriages ends in divorce.An even (The background sadder statistic concerns the death of a spouse. Paragraph is not Estimates are that in the next twenty years eight always included out of ten married women will become widows, in an academic usually late in life. These facts show that most essay.

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) people have to live by themselves at least once in their lives whether they want to or not. Second Body One good way to prepare for living alone is Topic sentence to learn how to take care of practical matters.For example, Some students and support newly single people might not know how to do something as simple as opening a checking account. When making arrangements alone, they might be too tense to find out that they can compare banks as well as the benefits of various types of accounts. Similarly, making major purchases is something people living alone might have to handle. When divorced or widowed people were married, perhaps the http://www. Public.

Satiates. Du/?historic/complementariness. HTML 1/3 Third Body Topic sentence Fourth Body other spouse did the choosing or the couple make the decisions together. But how long can a person manage with a refrigerator that cannot be repaired or a car that will not run? After shopping around and making price comparisons, most people find that these decisions are much less complicated than they seem at first.

The confidence that single people get from earning to deal with practical matters can boost their chances for establishing new friendships.When singles feel saltcellars, they can have an easier time getting out and meeting new people. For instance, some students are in the habit of always going to classes with a friend. When they break this dependency, they can be pleasantly surprised to find that they can concentrate better on the course and also have a chance to make some new friends. Likewise, the idea of going alone to the beach or to parties can paralyze some singles. Once they make the attempt, however, people alone usually find that almost everyone welcomes a new, friendly face.

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