Sammy’s all over the register, not really paying

Sammy’s Insanity “Honey, it was if he had a major lapse in judgment.I am very disappointed in him and his parents will definitely be getting a call from me first thing in the morning.” Lengel said hastily to his wife.They were just sitting down to a late supper in the yellow lit roomfilled with little trinkets, and a picture on the wall of a kitten and a dog cuddling that read, “Can‘t we all just get along?”.

“Slow down sweet heart,” She said.“I am very sure that he wouldn’t have done anything to mess up his reputation. He is a very nice boy, and his parents are just as wonderful as ever.Tell me everything that happened, and then we’ll talk about what you should do.”She leaned onto her elbows to get a closer listen to the big news on Sammy’s moment of insanity. “I was outside sorting through a truck load of cabbages as I always do, throwing out the rotten ones,” He said.“When I was about to go into my office to go through some paperwork, I looked over and saw Sammy staring down isle seven.

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You know, the isle that has light bulbs and all of that horrible music that we can’t seem to give away.Anyway, he is literally drooling all over the register, not really paying attention to any of the customers.I went to get a loser look and there is this group of girls who are walking to the registers. These girls looked like there were only wearing their underclothes.They were half naked.When I say they were half naked, I mean, they were really half naked.

” “Ha Ha Ha,” She giggled.“Half naked?Gimme a break honey,”She said with a grin. “Ok, so they had on swim suits, but they weren’t even wearing shoes, sandals, nothing.

So, to me, the one who is an upstanding member in the church…They were half naked. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.” She replied with a smug look on her face. “I quickly went over to where he was standing,” Lengel continued.

“and by this time, the girls had made it to his register.I told the girls that this wasn’t the place to be dressed as they were.My store isn’t the beach.The girl standing in front just told me that her mother only wanted her to pick up a jar of herring snacks.I didn’t believe her, I really think.

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