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Samikshya Rayamajhi

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PSYC 1101


How to improve Academic Performance

Academic performance is crucial to every student in order to
achieve their educational goals. The success of the students in their academic
performance is the result of the success of any educational system. Having a
great academic achievement means having a prosperous life in future.

There are different ways to improve academic performance. Time
management is one of the important factor for academic performance. We can have
a completely new experience in college. Working, hanging out with friends,
meeting new people is equally important as getting good grades in all classes.
The key to success lies within good time management. What I’ve learned from my
experience to improve academic performance is to write out and follow a study
schedule. Balancing all of our life’s demands and being successful can be
challenging but not impossible. And, also, we don’t want to make a schedule
where we are just studying all the time. If we will do that our mind won’t be
able to focus properly. As a starter, we should study for about 30-50 mins and
take a break about 10-15mins and give ourselves some reward for studying by going
for a walk, playing with your dog, getting some fresh air or doing whatever
that makes us feel good and fresh. Rewarding yourself is also effective and
best way to keep yourself pushing forward. Everyone get lazy at first but once
you’re set up with the schedule and start following it regularly, it won’t be
hard and will easily fit in your schedule. Start focusing on class and start
taking notes by yourself. There is a big difference on copying the note from a
friend and writing it yourself. When you write your notes yourself, your brain
will catch those words and helps you to understand it more efficiently.
Avoiding procrastination also plays an important role in improving academic
achievement. I have realized myself the reason for me to get low grade in some
of my subject was delaying my work, making several excuses and completing my
work one or two nights before its due. There are different strategies for
different people on how to learn or memorize fast. Keyword technique can help
you to get your focus back on studies. Sometimes our mind starts wondering and
drifting apart and if we focus on a keyword about a text we are reading and
start repeating to ourselves, our brain will once again focus on the main
subject we were studying about.

Everyone wants to improve their academic performance but
only few people take those steps to make it happen. Its not easy to change your
schedule out of sudden and be focused on your goal, so you have to give
yourself some time. Having a positive attitude toward learning is also one of
the important thing that is needed for improving academic achievement. I have
experienced it myself and have learned a lot from it. Failing a subject can be disappointing
and can bring a negative feeling on you. I remember when I failed my first
test, I was so disappointed for couple of days. I then started to study and
eventually got A on my next test. Soon, I realized that we may feel depressed
during certain situation, but it is important to defeat this feeling with
positivity. Sometime facing the problem with positive attitude is the only way
to bring change to the situation.






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