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Sam TarlovMrs. CarrHonors English 10 Period 25 January, 2018Continuation of The OdysseyWhilst he was asleep, the mortal caught the eye of Morpheus, son of Hypnos. As the god of dreams gazed upon Odysseus’ face, he began to feel sympathetic towards him as he has been longing to go home for many years. Morpheus wanted Odysseus to dream of something pleasant that could help him persevere.

 With his giant wings to propel him, the Oneiroi flew down from Olympus and landed beside the wide bed where Odysseus lay. The deity stood watchful over the great warrior, now sound asleep, exhausted from his tumultuous journey. Gently touching Odysseus’ forehead, Morpheus placed a dream inside his mind.The dream came to Odysseus in the form of his goddess-like, wife Penelope. She walked up to him in the most gracious step imaginable. She had a mystical look in her eyes, that even Athena couldn’t decipher. Odysseus runs ups and kisses Penelope to show his affection for her.

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He tells her, “My sweet Penelope, how long I have waited to see you again.” Penelope smiles and replies, “Oh, I can’t believe you are home and at last we are together again.” She smiles, but slowly it begins to fade. Odysseus looks at her with concern, “What is wrong my dear?” Penelope responds with a disappointed expression on her face, “Oh my brave Odysseus. Suitors have plagued our house while you have been gone these many years. They remain in our halls every day for it is their desire to take my hand in marriage. Every day they await for my response, but I keep telling them that I must wait till my love, Odysseus, returns home from Troy.

These despicable suitors spend every waking minute lounging around and devouring our food. The worst thing these suitors do is they treat our son with complete and utter disrespect. They think of him as a boy instead of the fully grown man he is.”As Penelope explained the horrible things taking place in Ithaca, a wave of anger washed across Odysseus’ face. He was so dissapointed, how could things possibly end up as bad as that.

Odysseus looks at Penelope and says, “What must I do in order to resolve all of this conflict.” She responds with,”You must come home immediately, travel as fast as the winds can take you, and don’t stop along the way.”Then the sun shone bright on Odysseus’ face. He had woken up from his dream that Morpheus had placed in his head.

Odysseus knew in his heart that he had to travel back to Ithaca as fast as he could and make things right as they had once been.    


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