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In this report contain and provided the most qualitative promotional means for chosen company Range, which specific in importing and circulating digital and electric rodents in Sir Lankan market. This report is about knowing the part of personal selling and knowing the part and objectives of product sales management within the overall marketing strategy. It is about being able to plan product sales activity and apply the principles of the selling process to products or services. And in order to show the comparison of buyer behaviors in purchasing, two products that the company sells were chosen.

The part of product sales reps within the strategy in the company is also analyzed in the review. For further success for selected organization here examined buyer behavior two different products to compare purchase choices in customers. Apart from customer actions again there is a brief evaluate about the role play of sales team based on their strategy. Additions to that, Structure of sales, territorial design, sales targets, sales recording and methods to control sales activities are described. And the importance of using database in setting effective sales management program and how the sales associates could use it are described.More over this report contain with the most appropriate business strategy and purpose for chosen company Range.

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And also it contain how accomplish company goals, what are the need that company should need and the process for recruit more workers and offers for workers, like training period, motivational methods and their remuneration. Additionally, a sales plan was designed to promote the digital and electric products in order to develop the business and possibilities to sell the products worldwide are examined.Also an research of the possibilities for using events or business exhibitions to promote the digital and electric products to the focus on customers are protected in this report. Able of contents Introduction TASK ONE SUPPORT OF PERSONAL SELLING TOWARDS THE PROMOTIONAL MIX Personal selling is where companies use people to offer the product; the suppliers enhance the product through their mind-set, overall look and professional product information. They aim to notify and motivate the client to buy, or at least try the product. The chief aim of marketing is to make sure that clients are conscious of the lifestyle and placement of products.Promotion is also used to convince clients that the products better than competitive products and to emphasize clients about why they may want to purchase. Personal selling is potentialities of marketing mix and the most beneficial promotional tool, personal promoting is most versatile in function.

A salesperson can change his revenue demonstration to suit the needs, purposes and behavior of individual clients can observe the client’s reaction to a particular revenue approach and thus make necessary improvements right on the spot. Face-to-face contact with clients is the most beneficial means of interaction and conviction.Personal selling is the most efficient way that Range Company can use as it allows the salesperson to choose the focus n audience and focus on the prospective clients, the salesperson need not connect with the people who are not the real clients. Therefore, personal promoting consists of lowest waste of effort.

Personal selling in most cases results in certain selling. A salesperson can find preoccupations, illustrate the products, explain its function, and persuade clients to buy it, set up it at the client’s place and provide after-sale service. No other method of marketing can perform all these features.Therefore, personal selling does the entire job of promoting. NATURE OF PERSONAL SELLING The biggest independence to modify a concept to fulfill clients informative needs, powerful. Most perfection, allowing promoters to pay attention to most appealing brings.

Vs.. Promotion, advertising and sales promotion Give more information Two way circulation of details, interaction.

Discover the pros and cons of new products and successfully pass these details on to the marketing division. Highest cost. Companies spend more on personal selling than on any other form of marketing mix.Goals range from: finding prospects convincing outcomes in buy Keeping clients satisfied–help them successfully pass the word along. Promotion components of the marketing mix Figure 01 Advantages & reasons why Range choose personnel selling Personal selling is one of the promotion mixes.

In here the ‘Range Company’ chooses the personal selling as their promotion strategy. Personal selling always has some immediate advantages and rewards which are not in other promotion mix. Now a day the electrical powered and digital business field is increasing very well and changing day by day and the competition also increasing up with that.So the competitors doing marketing mix with different ways to highly convince their clients. E.

G. Advertising. By these kinds f promotions, the suppliers can’t straight convince their clients to buy their products. But the suppliers have to make sure are their clients buying their products. Because the clients have so many choice in the marketplace and they can quickly get rid of vendor’s products. Product sales promotion and direct marketing technique uses are great costly. So if the organization wants to use these marketing techniques, they want to have great financial capacity.Personal selling is designed to improve the connections between the client and the sales facility or salesman.

Since the effects of promotion are difficult o measure, personal spellings gives understanding into client habits and reactions to a particular strategy or product provide. So the ‘Range Company chooses the personal selling technique as their promotion method. These are the points how person promoting supports the promotion mix. High client attention: Personal selling technique is straight promoting the products to clients by associates without and intermediaries.This technique is very appropriate for electronic organization. Because the electrical powered products are costly. And also the technique of using is different from other.

As a result it’s better o sell to clients straight and explain the advantages of the products and encourage the clients to buy their products. Message is customized: The information of the product are explains as customized. So the clients can easily ask their question about the electrical powered products and the supplier also can quickly convince the clients by their specialist product knowledge.Interactive: Salesperson is in an excellent position to encourage the client to act. The one and only connections of personal selling means that a salesman can effectively respond to and rise above arguments so that the client is more keel to buy. Product sales reps can also provide many specific reasons to convince a client to buy. Persuasive impact: Personal selling is mainly ease to client and also to suppliers.

Most of the clients prefer personal selling. Because the suppliers are nearing straight their clients and the clients can explain their question on products straight from suppliers.Potential for development of relationship: By this personal selling the suppliers can quickly understand their client’s needs and wants and what their clients anticipating from power and electric products. This is the best way to read client’s mind. So that the supplier can give the best service to their clients and can produce the products what the clients anticipating.

And by this can develop the good connection with their clients. This helps to build a good reputation and can create commitment clients to their organization.Minimized waste effort: Advertisers typically spend money to send a mass concept about a product to many individuals outside the focus on audience. In personalization, the sales representative pinpoints the focus on audience, makes a contact, and uses attempt that has a strong probability of leading to a sale.

Boost recommendations marketing: Sales individuals are often best at distributing bad and the good word-of- mouth product information. The sales associates have the talent to convince the clients to buy the product by their increase referral promotion.COMPARISON OF BUYER BEHAVIOR AND DECISION MAKING PROCESS Buyer behavior is described how a person get impacted when they want a product in same variety but when it has plenty of verities such as consumer’s social role (parent, spouse and worker), social and cultural environment and norms and aspirations and inhibitions. Purchase decision allows for that aging decisions procedure, which mean in that lot of verities of products, which most appropriate for us to buy to get more advantage from that product. Buyer behavior and decisions making could be divided in two groups.

The first being the part of customers involved and the other being the part of company impacting the buyer behavior and decisions making process could be the two main factors. While buying an Electrical product like normal kettle and cookers will be vary from each and every customer. However customer will focus on the following points normally. When purchasing there old be client groups who only prefer electronic kettles with only heating up with whistles whereas there could be another set of client group who likes electronic kettles with heating up alarm systems and signal lights.In the same way client look for the measurement(dimension) and the quantity of kettles which will need to prepare. Position definitely they examine the dimension whether it is the same dimension as there old one, when they buy a new one. Font it may not fix for the position. And they will search for whether the supplier provides after sales services like set ups.

They deal for the less expensive cost too rather than purchasing the products on its first cost. Buying behavior is in the Marketing, advertising, & sales and Prehistoric.The considering people is completely different from the other one as well as buying behavior also varies. To get obvious concept here used two different products to evaluate how customer behavior impacts in Range Company as an example.

Less designed kettle Highly Prestige brand Highly designed kettle Normal kettle with Nan-status of brand High quality Less quality Expensive and high class Less expensive Figure 02 Highly designed cooker less designed cooker Normal kettle with non-status of brand sees quality Figure 03 Organizational Range buying situation Straight rebury- in this purchasing scenario, only purchasing division is engaged.That get information from stock control division or area to reorder the content or product and they search for estimates from providers in an accepted record. The “in-suppliers” create initiatives to sustain support and product quality. The “out-suppliers” have to create initiatives to get their name record in the accepted vendors’ record and for this objective Range eve to offer something new or find out any problems of discontentment with present providers and guarantee to provide Petersburg and service.

Modified rebury-Len this buying situation, there is an alteration to the requirements of the product or requirements related to distribution. Executive apart from the buying division are engaged in the buying decisions. The company is looking for additional providers or is ready to alter the accepted providers list based on the technological abilities and distribution abilities. New task buy-Len this scenario, the customer is purchasing the reduce for the first time.

As the cost of the product or intake value becomes greater, more number of executives are engaged in the procedure.The levels of awareness, interest, evaluation, trial, and adopting will be there for the products of each prospective provider. Only the products which successfully pass all the levels will be on the accepted record and cost competitors will adhere to consequently. Systems buy-systems purchasing is a process in which the Range company gives only one order to only one company for providing a full program. The purchasing company knows that no individual arty is generating all the models in the program. But it wants the program supplier to specialized program, obtain the models from various providers and set up,build the program.The role of organization influencing on the buyer behavior could be evaluated under the following practices Of the organization The ecological methods Of the Range Company are where the company offers products that provide smaller effect to the environment.

The functions of the organization will also crash on the customers buying decision. Example like customers bargains power. And customers Will always expect for any discounts.

Purchase decision could be complete during interpersonal relationships . This approach of power is more appropriate to the business that takes positioning businesses to business, (BIB).STAGES OF CUSTOMER BUYING BEHAVIOR The customer buying is a complicated matter as many inner and exterior factors have an impact on the purchasing choices of customers.

Consumers do not spend much time thinking about the buy of low value products which are bought on reaction. Producers of such products will need to apply strategies that motivate customers to buy on reaction from them instead of their opponents. When customers buy high value products or non reaction products, they often go through a set procedure. This procedure is mentioned below.Figure 04 When purchasing any product, a consumer goes through a decision process.

This process consists of up to five stages. This pattern is very vital for Range Company who makes marketing decisions. The design obliges promoters to consider the finish process rather than just the purchasing choice-However in more regular buys, customers sometimes skip some of the levels. The changing assessment stage includes evaluating the details obtained in the reach procedure for substitute product and brands to the product evaluating requirements on demands the customer has made.When such a contrast leads to beneficial assessments, the customer is probably to build a purchase objective towards that substitute that received the most beneficial analysis. .The design is very essential when it comes to understanding any purchase including some details concern. A consumers buyer behavior is influenced by four major factors: Customer’s buyer behavior and the causing purchase decision are highly affected by social, cultural, personal and psychological features.

An understanding of the impact of these factors is essential for promoters in order to create appropriate marketing mixes to entice the focus on customer.CULTURE Include a customer’s lifestyle, sub-culture and social category. These aspects are often natural in our principles and decision procedures. Some groups of customer that includes in the making decisions process is the social classes. The social classes differ in accordance with the ability to buy goods in other words in accordance with the purchasing power of the customers. In perspective to the company the customers will make their buy choice in accordance with the price of the products. SOCIAL Consist of categories (reference categories, aspiration categories and participant groups), family, positions and status.This describes the outside impacts of others on our purchase choices either straight or ultimately.

P ARSENAL Consist of such factors as age and lifestyle stage, profession, financial conditions, way of life (activities, passions, views and demographics), character and self idea. These may describe why our choices often modify as our situation’ changes. PHYSIOLOGICAL FACTORS Impacting our purchase decision consist of inspiration (Mason’s hierarchy of deeds), understanding, learning, values and behavior. Brand names and product loyalties perform a big part in buy choice.

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