SAINT small village situated on the bank of



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(23) IV SEM FS

GROUP NO :- 15


The Dnyaneshwar was born
in 1275. The birth place of Dnyaneshwar is
Apegaon which is small village situated on the bank of Godavari river
near Paithan  Maharashtra. The Dnyaneshwar was belonging the brahman
family. He married to the Rukhmabai. The Dnyaneshwar also called as “Dnyandev” and
“Mauli”. Dnyaneshwar
was the second of four children of Vitthal Govind Kulkarni and Rukmini, a
religious family from the village. He is the Marathi saint, philosopher, yogi
and poet. He was a 13th-century Marathi saint in the Maharashtra. Dnyaneshwar
was the unofficial leader of the contemporary saints like Saint Sawata Mali,
Saint Namdev, Saint Gora Kumbhar, Saint Narhari Sonar and Saint Chokha Mela. He
wrote the “Dnyaneshwari” in marathi and “Amutanubhav”. He also wrote the
Marathi “Bhagwat Geeta” which is in sanskrit language. He was died in 1296. At
the age of 21 he takes the “Sanjeevan Samadhi” in Alandi.


1.” May the evil minded, their wickedness shed | May
their intellect turn to pious and good deeds instead || May all living beings
find themselves bonded | By friendly ties of soul companionship||”


In the above shloka the Saint want
to say that the bad people should destroyed their evil thinking from their
mind. They should get initiative to do good deeds for themselves. In every bad
person there is always a good quality. If person doing some good things then
the negativity is decreased. And people should maintain the good relationship
among them.


1. Negativity:

2. Maintain relationship

3. Good deeds

Negativity: The person should not
think the evil things they should remove the negativity from their minds.

Maintain relationship: They should maintain
their relationship with everyone, so they can be close friend of everyone.

Good deeds: Do some good deeds for
people and for this world to live happily. Everything is good if the person
does the good things.


2.” May the darkness of
ignorant disappear | May the universe see the Sun of self-consciousness || May
whatsoever aspirations of those be fulfilled | Of all living beings||”


In the above shloka the Saint want
to say that the evil deeds should be vanished then the people can see the
glowing themselves. The religion is not matter here but everyone should respect
their religion. Every religion teaches the good things. If the people follow
their own religion then it is good for them and they will live happily. And
people have the ability to understand and share the feeling of another.


1. Empathetic

2. Respect

3. Following

Empathetic: It indicate that the
everyone should understand the other feelings.

Respect: Respect every religion
and every person, for happening some good things in their life.

Following: Follow their own
religion and the choice good path.


3.” May shower all over the pious bliss Divine | May
the world be full of Saintly beings benign || May incessantly in the Universe |
Meet the living beings||”


In the above shloka the Saint want
to say that the person is true for some period of time, they ruin their life
only focusing on food, clothes, money and house. Those things are not
permanent, but people never understand the importance of valuable things in
their life. Their emotions are not fixed, and such kind of people are
everywhere in this world.


1. Controlling

2. Self-Awareness

3. Humanity

Controlling: The people should
control their greedy nature for being a good human.

Self-awareness: Everyone should
understand their own qualities which is helpful for this world and how they
will be contribute some good things in the world.

Humanity: Their emotions should
be same for everyone. They should be humble or kind to everyone and make
everyone happy. There emotions should not be temporary.





Moving groves of wish granting trees | Colonies of conscious wish fulfilling
jewels. These saints are, speaking oceans | Full of pious Nectary Divine||”


In the above shloka the Saint want
to say that some peoples are helpful who help others without any expectations
and those peoples are everywhere in the society.  And they spread the elixir in the world
through their teaching and sharing their knowledge to others, which will last
forever. Encouraging others to motivate actions to accomplish the goals and expand what you know is the
best thing we can do for others. In this world only few people are there who
are good in nature and have ability to share what they have.


1. Devote

 2. Encourage

 3. Sharing knowledge

 4. Motivation

Devote: To give all or most of one’s time or resources
to any person. Appropriate to or concentrate on a particular pursuit,
occupation, purpose, cause, etc.

Encourage: If you encourage someone, you give them
confidence. If someone is encouraged by
something that happens, it gives them hope or confidence.

Sharing knowledge: It expands what you know. Sharing your
expertise is an inviting a new conversation. If you keep your eyes, ears, and
mind open, you may learn something in the process as well. Knowledge sharing is an
activity through which knowledge is
exchanged among people, friends, families, communities or organizations.

Motivation:  It is the process of stimulating people
to actions to accomplish the goals. It is a reason or reasons for acting or
behaving in a particular way.


5.” A Moon without a smear | A Sun without a hot sear
|| Always to one and all, these hallowed saints | Become kith and kin dear ||”


In the above shloka the Saint want
to say that some people are pleasant and calm in nature, and they are spotless
unlike Moon. They will make all bad once into good one and they will glow and
shine brighter in the sun, while not harming others. These people are great.
And we must be good with others all the time and such people can become our
relative or friend.


1. Kind

2. Greatness

3. Hard work.

4. Calm

Kind: The person should have helpful in nature for anyone. Each of the elements (bread and wine) of the Eucharist.

Greatness: When an
individual contributes to an organization team or purpose that is greater than
themselves. The quality of being great; eminence or

Hard work: Hard work is the basis for everything for achieving
something in life. Everyone should focus on their ability and do the hard work
for achieving the success.

Calm: Not showing or feeling
nervousness, anger, or other strong emotions. Or to stop someone feeling upset, angry,
or excited.



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