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Inconsistent transactions as listed below: 1 . Discount amount missing from cash sales entries and caused double entries unbalance. 2. Missing sales/purchase line during posting for the transaction keyed in before SST ON and Post to Accounting after SST ON. 3. Failed to group transaction tax line at Post to Accounting when GEL account is mapped at Tax Code Maintenance. Capital Goods – SST-03 SST-03 is now enhanced to capture the value from Capital Goods Maintenance and show in SST Return > Part C > Item 16 File Organization – Update Taxable Amount for Prepayment

Previously, if you already done the prepayment and amount is not shown in SST Return, you can now run this feature in order to allow system to recalculate the prepayment amount and show in SST Return accordingly. Imported Services – Setting Accounting You can now mapped the Input/Output Tax Code and Input/Output Tax GEL Account for Imported Service at Accounting > SST Setting screen to handle the Reverse Mechanism when payment is offset against the Imported Services invoice. Inventory & Billing Instead of key in Item Type manually, you can now select the Item Type by sing the drown list given.

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Prepayment Prepayment is an initial payment, either in partial or in full, made in advance before goods or services are being delivered. Prepayment is subjected to SST inclusive which must be accounted for current taxable period. When the tax invoice is issued, it MUST be offset with the prepayment to reduce the output tax accordingly. Important Note: Current scenario handled will be full prepayment offset with tax invoice.

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